Thank you all so very much!

We received 21 donations yesterday, on what would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday, totaling $710.

You can still donate and we’ll update our totals.  Make sure that you put #BettyWhiteChallenge in the Comments section.

In honor of beloved actress Betty White, animal lover and mom to her beautiful golden retriever, Pontiac, a viral hashtag and challenge was issued to celebrate what would have been her 100th birthday.

The #BettyWhiteChallenge is simple: All across the nation, in honor of Betty White’s birthday on January 17th, animal lovers everywhere are encouraged to donate any amount of money to their favorite animal shelter or rescue. By flooding all of these programs with funding, the challenge aims to be a final birthday gift to a cause that was always very dear to Betty White’s heart.  Helping all animals.

Here is an image from an article on Yahoo showing Betty in 1975 at the SPCA in LA.  You can go to the article by clicking on the image.