Thank You Very Much!


Thank you all so very much!  Look at our beautiful holiday scene.  We had 81 donations which totaled $7,075.  That will help us so much with our medical and various other expenses.  GRRCC hopes that you and your family of two and four legged family members enjoy a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Please stay safe and healthy in 2022 and we hope to have a year where we can get out and have some events to see so many great friends and golden retrievers!

1 LightRJ MinerIn honor of our 2020 GRRCC rescue Brody, aka Bro-daddy, Brodacious, Brocephus and many other names
SnowflakeSusan Gugliuzza
3 LightsCarol Scherczinger
Dog Bone OrnamentSteve EverettIn memory of Brodie
SnowflakePaula Barr
SnowflakeMichael Hanna
Dog Bone OrnamentNicole Murch
$100 Custom GiftChristina McConnell
3 LightsAudrey AfflerbachIn memory of my Hubbell. ❤
3 LightsKatherine DraperHave a Golden holiday!!
3 LightsMeryle ElkoIn honor of my sister Shari 💜
SnowflakeCheryl Barringer
SnowflakeAngela EiringIn memory of Bella & Kahlua
Traditional OrnamentDru MeierIn honor of the many angels with fur that have blessed our lives.
SnowflakeBeth Davenport
3 LightsJohn and Kris BurkeIn memory of our three rescued angels. Sean, Lady Sarah and Blossom.
Traditional OrnamentShellie MinerIn loving memory of GRRCC rescues Sunny and Katey <3
$500 Gift
Kevin HammondWe have fostered for many years and now that we are in Upstate SC we can't foster anymore but want to support the organization. We do have a special needs Golden now from GRRCC and are so happy to have her (Saluda, previously Sadie)
Keep up the good work for these wonderful dogs!
Traditional OrnamentLinda W & Brian JohnsonIn honor of our Golden Doodle, Noodle and in loving memory of our GRRCC Goldens Jake, Rosie and Katie.
$200 GiftKelly GarityGRRCC has already given us the two best gifts (Trevor and Jesse). Hope you can use this donation to help another golden find their forever home! Merry Christmas from Michael and Kelly Garity
$100 GiftBarbara Buckridge
3 LightsBeverly ShleffarRemembering my Sweet Jazz, my Handsome Chester and my brief but blessed time with Blake, aka Bubba
Dog Bone OrnamentEileen ShleffarMerry Christmas to my sweet babies, Kate, Ace and Layla
SnowflakeMaria GregorioThank you for Gus!
$100 GiftCarol & Jim Adler
Traditional OrnamentLeslie Anne WashburnIn honor of our current rescue, Rudy, and in memory of all the ones that have gone before. We love you all.
Traditional OrnamentJanis & Alan AlsopIn memory of our wonderful Therapy Dog, Brady.
Dog Bone OrnamentCynthia Stringham-SmithIn loving memory of Bailey and Jake, and gratitude for Tanner.
Traditional OrnamentNancy TruesdaleIn loving memory of my Golden girls Ashley, Alex, Jesse, Charlie and Izzy.
SnowflakeScott & Sarah DowlessIn memory of sweet Merlin and in gratitude for Princess Sasha 🙂
Dog Bone OrnamentKathy GironeIn memory of the sweet Goldens we have rescued and lost: Dora and Molly
$100 GiftGregory MallowFor Cooper , Harley, and Cassie never forgotten!
Candy CaneJennifer LoweThank you for our Nick!
Traditional OrnamentCatharine LeesI have adopted 3 GRRCC goldens since 1996 and have loved everyone.
Dog Bone OrnamentLynnea PulverIn memory of Chloe, Gunnar, Diego, Lewis, Penny and Gracie. I am so thankful for all that you have done for my sweet, little Paisley and ALL of the goldens that have benefitted from your generosity.
Candy CaneKristine MacWilliamsMerry Christmas to all the Golden babies 🙂
SnowflakeDavid PayneThank you so much for what you do for these fur-babies!
$250 GiftAli HoceIn honor of Sierra now Poppy!
SnowflakeTrinette AtriIn memory of Dexter
Dog Bone OrnamentDavid Collier
Dog Bone OrnamentRod and Michelle SpringhettiIn memory of my sweet Bionda
3 LightsRebecca and Seth KaufmanIn loving memory of Champ.
SnowflakeCarla GambrellIn honor of our wonderful Ollie!! Thanks to GRRC we've had abundant joy with this sweet boy the past 3 1/2 years- Cheers to Foster Failure!
$100 GiftNorma & Mike RoweIn memory of our 2 golden babies - Tasha (2008) and Boris (2013) who have already gone over the rainbow bridge. Also, to our fur babies from GRRCC Maiya & Ben who are still loving us daily. We have loved and been loved unconditionally by all 4.
$100 GiftKyle Voorheis
$100 GiftJoni DeditchI love GRRCC. I've adopted 2 Goldens from this organization. It's a wonderful help for these wonderful dogs. I miss Gene so much, thank you for continuing with this endeavor.
3 LightsMary MonfortIn honor of Buzz
SnowflakeMarissa KarpIn honor of my beautiful Aunt Shari (Martin) who absolutely adores The GRRCC!
3 LightsCampbell Brasington
$100 GiftJudy Laedlein
$200 GiftAlison Rowe
$100 GiftCarol and Milt ChildressIn honor of Annie and in memory of Woody and Joy
Traditional OrnamentDeon BowenThank you GRRCC for all you do!
SnowflakeJennie DunlaveyIn memory of our beloved Autumn and GRRCC foster Molly and for all of those that need a second chance!
Candy CaneMark & Denice LyonIn Memory of Rustina
$200 GiftChristina McConnellIn honor of Bruce and Roscoe
Candy CaneShari MartinIn memory of my GRRCC rescue fur kids Peaches, Millie and Mason
$150 GiftNicole Murch
$200 GiftTracy Stromberg and Family
$125 GiftKathy MarcelloIn loving memory of our Maggie (Breezy) who will always be in our heart.
SnowflakeCourtney HamlettIn memory of Berkley Trey! Thank you for all you do for our Goldens!
SnowflakeCathy HartIn honor of our sweet Teddy that we adopted from you in 2010.
Dog Bone OrnamentWilliam KrupickaIn honor of Jayce & in memory of Molly, Maggie, Brandy & Riley
SnowflakeMeg RoachIn honor of all the GRRCC volunteers for all the dogs you have helped over the last 30 years. Thank you.
Traditional OrnamentValerie SancibrianIn memory of all of our Golden’s, Ginger, Riley, Daisy, Hayden and Emma that crossed the rainbow bridge and honoring Duke and Bailey our current golden rescues who we love dearly.
Dog Bone OrnamentDru MeierIn honor of Lexi & Doozle & in loving memory of Bobo & Tyler, who are waiting for us across the Rainbow Bridge.
$100 GiftAshley FinneyFor all the Golden’s we have loved. Sadie Mae, Ella Rae and RiverDale.
$250 GiftSteve Haas
$200 GiftTracy Stromberg
SnowflakeDawn PuckIn memory of our sweet Darby
Dog Bone OrnamentMichael EllisFor Jackson that I rescued 10 years ago!
SnowflakeLauren PodmoreIn memory of Kahlua, Bella and Merlin
Traditional OrnamentDanielle MullenThank you for all you do. Love Danielle, Keith, Haley, Abby (both foster fails) and foster pup Nuala.
SnowflakeShannon CostnerMerry Christmas!! We love Bailey! (Willow)
1 LightDale & Ilene Sheeler
Traditional OrnamentMichael & Sally MowreyIn memory of my Eli
$100 GiftStephen EichfeldThis donation is to help doggies in the names of Casey Eichfeld and Sarah Anderson.
$150 GiftSue and Pete GormanThankful for our 3 GRRCC Golden Babies - Gracie now and Comet and Cali previously.
$1,000 Tree TopperRick and Marsha Gross
$100 GiftJim/Susan Sandberg