Bank of America Adoption Awareness Event – 10/4/2018


GRRCC at Bank of America Animal Awareness and Adoption EventGRRCC at Bank of America Animal Awareness and Adoption EventWe had a great time meeting new friends at the Bank of America Animal Animal Awareness and Adoption Event on Thursday, October 4th. We always appreciate Bank of America doing this a few times each year. This is a wonderful opportunity to provide information about GRRCC and all of the great work that we do for Golden Retrievers that have been surrendered to us, or unclaimed in shelters or found wandering and unclaimed on Lost and Found websites. Even if they’re seniors or terminally ill, GRRCC will care for them and love them and try to find a forever home or hospice foster home. A great big “Thank You”, to our volunteers and their Goldens, that took a couple of hours of their day to represent our Club. Bonnie Blum (with Fenway and Patrone), Kathy Girone (with Holly), Jessica Dyer (and Charley), and Randy and Shellie Miner (with Sunny).




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