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Your gift will add lights, ornaments, candy canes or presents to our holiday scene.

GRRCC Holiday Fund Raiser - Nov27Happy Holidays everyone! During this time of year we know that you have many different options for helping others. There will always be deserving people and animals in need of a helping hand.

Your donation to GRRCC will decorate our Holiday Tree and more importantly help support our Golden Retrievers in need of medical help, foster families and a forever home. Average medical costs for a GRRCC dog are typically about $1,000 but each year brings a unique set of dogs of varying ages, backgrounds, and needs. A few dogs rescued in 2019 include:
  • Libby – a 2 year sweet heart weighing 38 lbs, unable to keep down food and water, underwent surgery for Cricopharyngeal Achalasia and is now thriving at a normal golden retriever weight.
  • Bailey – an 11 year old girl who lost her home in a divorce, is living happily after a long overdue dental procedure.
  • Chance – an old fella who was on his final days at a rural shelter, is home and warm receiving treatment for heart worm disease.
  • Molly – a 7 year old sweety who found herself in a very dangerous place – Craigslist, is cancer free after surgery to remove a mast cell tumor.
  • Abbey, Jesse, and Misty – are enjoying freedom from their flea infested back yard after receiving treatment for severe UTIs and skin infections.
  • Samson – a plump 4 year old teddy bear, is receiving medical help for his idiopathic seizures.
  • One very special forever foster – Angel, who will be 16 in February, is safe after being freed from her life inside a crate in her owners basement in 2018.

GRRCC LibbyGRRCC-BaileyGRRCC ChanceGRRCC MollyGRRCC Abbey Jessee MistyGRRCC SamsonGRRCC Angel

The Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte has been dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of unwanted, abused, neglected, abandoned or surrendered Golden Retrievers since 1991. We provide professional and comprehensive veterinary care, including spay/neuter services and behavioral evaluations. We are committed to helping our Golden Retrievers find their perfectly matched Forever Families. Whether they are young or old, healthy or terminal, our goal is to ensure that they will give and receive a lifetime of love.

GRRCC is a non-profit that has a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, and relies solely on donations we receive from people like you. Thank you very much for considering a donation.

* Please allow 24 hours for your gift to be displayed on our tree. Our elves are not lazy, but they are a bit slow.
* If you are donating by mail, we will update the tree as soon as we receive your donation. Thanks!

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Holiday Donations 2019

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Donation Total: $10.00

$50Catharine LeesI have adopted 3 goldens from GRRCC and each was a true love. Two were seniors and I hope to adopt again sometime. Thanks for all your work saving these most wonderful goldens! Merry Christmas and Happy 2020!
$25Brittney Tysinger
Thank you so much for everything you have done for these dogs, but especially Angel. This donation is in her honor.
$75Jennifer Lowe
In honor of our sweet Nick who was saved by GRRCC
$50Mike and Wylyn Doherty
In memory of our sweet GRRCC boy Coal.
$100Chris Beloni
$75Dru MeierIn honor of Lexi & Doozle Meier, two of the most spoiled rescue goldens on the planet!
$100Robert Van DolahIn honor of Callie
$200Alison Rowe IglehartIn honor of our 17 year old girl, Tina who came to us from GRRCC. Thank you for always being there for these precious Goldens
$250Rick & Marsha Gross
$10Kathy Heaps
Thank you for all the wonderful work you do helping these beautiful Goldens. If it weren't for GRRCC I would not have my velcro Goldie, Maddie!
$25Denice Lyon
In memory of our GRCC rescue Rustina!
$100Kelly Garity
One of the best Golden rescues!
$25Seth and Rebecca Kaufman
$25John and Kris Burke
In honor of Blossom
$25John and Kris Burke
In honor of Lady Sarah
$150Jim/Susan Sandberg
$25Dru Meier
$25Dru Meier
$100Bruce & Claire Gasparre
$50Steffani Hardesty
$25Mike Hanna
$25MaryAnn Kavanagh God love these precious Goldens and bless everyone at GRRCC. I completed an application and can't wait to adopt from you again. Buddy, my 11 year old golden lost his companion Cassie to cancer and is so lonesome.
$150Joni DeditchLove the work you do. God bless you all and the precious Goldens
$100Christine ApricenoIn memory of Gene Fitzpatrick
$50Shellie Miner
$10RJ MinerThis small test donation is in honor of my small late best buddy and GRRCC hospice foster, Shorty