$9,005 raised!  Thank YOU!

1 LightRandy MinerIn honor of Sunny
1 LightShellie MinerIn memory of our Sunny and in appreciation of Brody
3 LightsLeigh Ann CombsThanks to all the volunteers who work tirelessly to help our Golden Retrievers! Merry Christmas!
1 LightCarol WeberI miss Bart and Duke so much
Traditional OrnamentAli Hoce
Tree TopperRick and Marsha GrossIn loving memory of Wylie, Barkley, Brinkley and Lucky
3 LightsJohn and Kris BurkeIn memory of Sean adopted from GRRIN and Lady Sarah and Blossom adopted from GRRCC
3 LightsBecky KaufmanThis is in honor of our sweet Champ who was adopted through GRRCC when he was 5. He will be 16 on Dec 28th and we are crossing our fingers that he makes it.
Traditional OrnamentPaula BarrIn honor of all the volunteers who spend so much time saving these precious souls. And in special memory of Hope.
Traditional OrnamentBrian and Linda JohnsonIn loving memory of our precious GRRCC Goldens who await us at the bridge
Window DecorationWilliam Krupicka
Window DecorationMary Monfort
Traditional OrnamentJennifer LoweThank you GRRCC! We love our Nick!
3 LightsCatharine LeesIn memory of the 3 Goldens I was blessed to adopt from GRRCC over the years, Sophie, Jack and Bailey
Traditional OrnamentLeslie Anne WashburnIn honor or memory of all our rescues
$200 PresentEllen LangfordTo thank GRRCC for helping Captain
Window StarsThe Gooch FamilyIn memory of our boys — Trey & Lopez
3 LightsKrystal LaPrad
3 LightsCindy RiddleIn memory of my three beautiful Goldens - Cassie, Noelle and Hoover. Thank you for all that GRRCC does to rescue and rehab these loving companions.
3 LightsCandice UsherIn honor of Meg and all the volunteers!
3 LightsJulia ReeseIn memory of Tessa and in Thanksgiving for Josie and Bella!
3 LightsDru & Scott MeierIn honor of all our goldens, those still with us & those waiting for us at the bridge
Dog Bone OrnamentDru & Scott MeierIn honor of our wonderful GRRCC volunteers
3 LightsSarah DowlessMerry Christmas and thank you to all of our volunteers, foster homes and adopters! And in memory of sweet Molly and all of our Goldens that have crossed the rainbow bridge.
3 LightsLou and Debi LambruschiIn memory of Scott and Sarah's baby, Merlin
Window DecorationSusan StephensThank you for our sweet Abbey, Pete, and wild Walter!
$100 PresentKathy GironeIn honor of Dora, Molly and Maxie
Traditional OrnamentCindy AdkinsDonated in honor of our precious Duke from GRRCC. Also in memory of his brothers and sister who have passed -Arrow, Casey, Molly, Teddy Bear and Chance (all Goldens).
$100 PresentDeon and Todd BowenTo a wonderful organization that helps the pups!
1 LightSharon Carter
Candy CaneShari MartinIn loving memory of Peaches, Millie and Mason - my 3 GRRCC fur babies who have crossed Rainbow Bridge
Traditional OrnamentDawn TaylorGreat cause!
Window StarsKris and Jeff PottsIn memory of Woody
$1,000 Present!Jenny Cavenaugh
$200 PresentBrooke and Kyle VoorheisIn memory of Bailey
10 LightsBobbi Otto and Larry MarracinniIn memory of Buffy, Sasha, Bernie and Luci
$200 PresentLessie Davis
$500 PresentKurt and Sarah Gauger
Candy CaneFrank Grill
Dog Bone OrnamentLynnea PulverIn loving memory of all of my goldens (and golden wannabes) Gracie, Lewis, Gunnar and Diego, and in honor of Logan, Chloe and crazy Paisley. Thank you for all you do for the goldens!
$100Tammy MyersIn honor of Lucy
1 lightJudy LekoskiIn honor and loving memories of all the goldens who have enriched my life over the years
$100 PresentMike and Norma RoweIn memory of our two golden babies that have crossed the rainbow bridge, Tasha & Boris. And our two current GRRCC golden babies we now have, Maiya & Ben. Both are 13. Grateful that we can donate. Mike & Norma Rowe
$100 PresentCatherine CaddyIn memory of Lilly
$100 PresentJoni DeditchGod Bless you all and the Goldens!
Dog Bone OrnamentKathleen MarcelloIn memory of our beloved Maggie (formerly Breezy)!
Thank you GRRCC for all you do.
Traditional OrnamentBarbara Buckridge
Candy CaneEileen and David ShleffarIn memory of sweet Blake, aka Bubba Bear, who graced us this year with his silly grin and his absolute joy for life
$200 PresentNicole MurchMerry Christmas!
$500 PresentLisa and Steve Haas,
and Jackson
Thank you to all associated with GRRCC for the fine work you do.
Our donation is in loving memory of our beloved Ryder.
Candy CaneJeanne Truslow and jojoJojo and I thank the club for all the joy she has brought to us and the 5 goldens I have adopted before her. Summer, Cheyenne, liberty, Nikki and tikki! Merry Christmas! We are so glad to donate to this worthy cause!
$100 PresentJim and Carol AdlerThank you to all of the GRRCC volunteers!
Traditional OrnamentValerie SancibrianIn memory of Ginger, Riley, Daisy, Hayden and Emma, all our sweet Golden’s, we miss you all so very much. Thank you for all you do GRRCC!
3 LightsJason LewisA thank you to all the amazing volunteers who make this organization so great!
Traditional OrnamentDavid CollierThank you for all you do for these wonderful dogs
Traditional OrnamentWendy BrtalikHappy holidays and thank you for all you do!! *In honor of Bailey and Cooper*
Traditional OrnamentKatherine Leveque
3 LightsLaurie Shleffar-Atencio
$100 PresentLinda & Brian JohnsonHappy holidays to the staff and rescued Goldens in their care.
Thank you for your dedication to the breed. They are such
wonderful dogs who rapidly become treasured family members.
We were blessed to have had Jake, Rosie and Hannah with us,
well as a number of foster Golden’s. They all enriched our
lives in so many ways.
Dog Bone OrnamentKelly GarityIn honor of all the foster families! In honor of Jesse and in memory of our sweet Trevor!
$2,000 Present!!Little Mountain Vet Clinic
3 LightsRichard Varterasian
Window StarsMike and Wylyn DohertyFor our GRRCC dogs Clancy, Coal, and Phoebe - all bright stars in our lives.
3 LightsCathy FortwenglerIn memory of my beautiful golden Bentley who I lost in 2020
Dog Bone OrnamentMichael EllisThanks to all of the volunteers!
Dog Bone OrnamentMeg RoachThank you to all the GRRCC volunteers. I appreciate their dedication to the club's mission of rescuing and rehabilitating these beautiful dogs & helping find their perfectly matched Forever Families.
3 LightsMeg RoachIn memory of my sweet GRRCC boy, Jack.