Yogi – Adopted 6/2023

Yogi singing and dancing in the rain!

YOGI – Adopted

DOB 5/10/2014; 9 yo neutered male; 105 lbs

Yogi is a sweet, wonderful guy.  He’s a love sponge.  All about the people.

Yogi’s foster mom gave us the following answers to foster questions.

1)    What is your foster dog’s activity level (energetic, playful, likes to fetch or play tug, mild-mannered, quiet, etc.)?

Very laid back. Mild mannered.  He will play a little with our dog, but his favorite activity is being petted. He loves to go on walks, but is always ready to stop to be petted by anybody.

2)    Is he/she reliably housebroken?  If no, what’s the problem?

100% housebroken. Completely trustworthy in the house.

3)     What obedience commands does the dog seem to know and follow?

Sit, stay (mostly), wait, lie down, come – to his name and whistling . We make our dog sit and wait for us to put down the food bowl.  Yogi learned this in one day.  Working on leave it, but he doesn’t seem to try to do or take anything he should not.

4)     How is your foster dog with other dogs?

Great. He’s met many dogs of all sizes and ages when we walk. A Westie we walk with came out the first time in typical Terrier mode – 11 lbs of fury,  barking up a storm. Poor Yogi hid behind me and my dog for a couple of days. But they’re friends now. Heard him bark the first time on Saturday.  Our dog is very vocal when he sees his friends. Yogi decided to chime in with about 2 barks.

5)     How is he/she with cats?

Great. Meeting our cat was a non-event. He lets our cat rub on him. Has zero desire to chase him. He’s interested in the squirrels and bunnies we see when out walking, but easily distracted from them.

6)     How is he/she with children?

Unknown. Haven’t seen any when we are out yet. But I cannot imagine he would be anything but gentle. He might accidentally push small children over because he’s a “leaner” and a big boy. I could easily get imagine him letting little ones crawl all over him, using him as a pillow etc.

7)     How is your foster dog on a leash?

Pulls some, we bought  an Easy Walker harness, really helps. He’s a big boy.  He will pull to go where he wants to go – especially if it’s a person that offers pets.

8)     How does he/she ride in the car (getting in and out, while traveling)?

Needs a little boost getting into our SUV, gets out fine.  Very good in the car.

9)     How is he/she in a crate?

Unknown   Have had no need to crate him. We use baby-gates to keep them in certain rooms when we are not home. Completely trustworthy- no counter surfing, doesn’t steal anything off the coffee table, doesn’t shred paper.

10)  What does your foster dog seem to enjoy/like most?

Being petted. He’s all about people. Loves belly rubs. We have not been able to play fetch or run around because of the neuter. He likes squeaky toys. Don’t know if he de-stuffs them.

11)  What negative behaviors have you observed (e.g. separation anxiety, begging, jumping)?

None.  Sometimes, he just does not realize his size or that he’s in the way

12)  How does your foster dog react to thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises?

He’s not a fan of thunder, but he just gets anxious. He has gotten on the sofa with me, but then decided lying on the floor right beside my husband was even better. He just wants a safe place to be.  No experience with fireworks. Doesn’t mind blowers,  vacuum, doorbells etc.

13)  What else can you share about your foster dog that would be helpful in our search for his/her forever home?

He’s all about people. He’s good with other dogs, but I think he would be fine as an only “child”. The sweetest face. When he puts that big head on your lap and looks up at you, you melt.

14)  Cute things… what else besides that face?  He will come up and just rest his head on your leg and look up at you – all he wants is to be petted.  It’s pretty humorous that a small Westie has him completely under her control.  He’s started doing the “bunny hop” when the bowls are being put down.  He will lift one of those big paws and very gently touch you if he feels there is a petting opportunity you are not taking advantage of.  It took a couple of days for him to get his smile back, but he’s just a big, ol’ baby.  He will follow you around and since his head is right at hand height, it’s always available for petting. He’s a sweet, sweet boy.