Willow – Adopted 02/2024

Willow landed right where she belongs!

Willow is an 8 year old, 70 lb, spayed female mix

We think Willow might be a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Mix.  Pretty fancy huh?  Do you know what that means?  According to the internet, tollers are  intelligent, affectionate, and eager to please.  They say “play fetch with a tireless Toller until your right arm falls off, and she will ask you to throw left-handed”.  Willow is larger than the average Toller so perhaps she is mixed with a Golden or a Lab.  She’s not talking but she sure is sweet.

Willow is sweet, gentle, and house broken – she loves to be with her people.  She loves to play and does great in the car – she is always ready to go on an adventure.  She is a not a fan of thunderstorms and is overly protective of toys – for this reason she would do best as an only dog.  She would also need toy supervision around children.

Here is what Willow’s Foster has to say about her:

1)    What is your foster dog’s activity level (energetic, playful, likes to fetch or play tug, mild-mannered, quiet, etc.)?

Willow has a moderate activity level. She does like to play outside, chase the ball and will bring it back to you most of the time.  She is very fast.  She also likes to take some nice long naps throughout the day.

2)    Is he/she reliably housebroken?  If no, what’s the problem?

She has had no accidents since she has been with me and sleeps all night which is HUGE in my book.

3)     What obedience commands does the dog seem to know and follow?

She knows her name and will come will called.  She will sit on occasion, and she is not aggressive taking food from your hand.

4)     How is your foster dog with other dogs?

She is not aggressive with my dogs or other dogs that have been in my house UNLESS there are toys around.  She is very possessive of all toys, so she might do better.  In a one doghouse or Willow will need some training because she is pretty aggressive with toys, maybe because she’s never had any of her own.

5)     How is he/she with cats?

I have one cat and she didn’t show much interest.  They got along fine, no issues.

6)     How is he/she with children?

There are no children in my house.

7)     How is your foster dog on a leash?

She will need some training with leash walking.  I have walked her, and she pulls the entire time you try to walk, she hasn’t been walked or trained to walk on a leash.  She is strong too.

8)     How does he/she ride in the car (getting in and out, while traveling)?

I took her alone and with my GR on some car trips and she was fine.  She was easy to get in and out of the car.  She seems a little anxious the first couple of rides, but she settled down fine and seemed to have no trouble riding.  No getting car sick.

9)     How is he/she in a crate?

I never put her in a crate, there was no need.

10)  What does your foster dog seem to enjoy/like most?

Willow loves to be with her human and other canine friends.  She loves to be outside and playing and running around, she loves to chase the squirrels and watch the birds fly in the sky.  She really does track the birds in the sky.  I wanted to take her swimming, but time hasn’t allowed yet.

11)  What negative behaviors have you observed (e.g. separation anxiety, begging, jumping)?

Willow might jump a little when you come home as she is so excited to see you.  She doesn’t beg, she doesn’t counter surf, I have seen no sign of food aggression.

From day one, I have fed her and my dog at the same time in the same room and there was never a problem.  I give them treats side by side and no aggression.

12)  How does your foster dog react to thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises?

Willow does seem to be afraid of thunder, I don’t know if she was left outside in bad weather, she does bark when it thunders. I did not observe her when there were fireworks, but I would imagine that would be the same as thunder.

13)  What else can you share about your foster dog that would be helpful in our search for his/her forever home?

I think Willow’s only fault is her aggression with toys, she wants them all and there was some growling and snarling if another animal came near when she had a toy, so I just put them all away.  Other than that, she has been great.  She is so affectionate and loving, she will follow you everywhere.  She never tried to get out of the fence or dart out the doors.  She slept through the night without waking me up and adapted to my schedule from day one.  She acted like she had lived her forever.  The first night she was here, she came up on the sofa and put her head in my lap.  I think she is just so happy that someone is being nice to her.  She always has a smile, and that tail is always wagging.  She is going to make someone a wonderful companion and friend.  She has a wonderful personality, always seems so happy.  She might be eight years old, but she doesn’t act like it, she still has plenty of energy to go and do, but not enough to drive you crazy.

14)  Please share any cute things your foster does, or any funny stories!

I just noticed her doing this the other night.  I was making the dogs dinners and she was so excited but trying to wait and be good.  She was picking up one front paw and then the other front paw, almost like she was marching in place. I have never seen a dog do that before, but it was the cutest thing!  She is a wonderful dog and deserves a great home!