Sunny now Sally – Adopted 10/2023

Sally is home!


Name: Sunny

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: Female approximately 5 years old and had a litter of puppies on 8/8/2023

Personality: Sunny is a mild-mannered and loving dog who thrives on human companionship. She may occasionally join in when her fellow canine friends are playing, but she’s not overly interested in roughhousing. She’s content just being close to her humans and enjoys a good roll in the grass during outdoor playtime.

Training: Sunny is a quick learner and has already picked up on some basic commands like her name, “inside,” “outside,” “no,” and “dinner / let’s eat.” She’s highly focused on her human family and will continue to learn and adapt quickly in the right home.

Interactions with Other Animals: Sunny is excellent with other dogs and was an exceptional mother to her puppies. She’s generally very tolerant, although she can be protective when her puppies need their space. She’s indifferent to cats and doesn’t interact with them.

Interactions with Children: Sunny has been around older children, including teenagers, and has shown herself to be gentle and cautious. While she hasn’t been around younger kids, her gentle nature suggests she could be a wonderful companion for them.

Leash Walking: Sunny has not been on many long walks but appears to do well on a leash. She follows your lead and doesn’t pull, making her a good walking companion.

Car Rides: While she had a couple of initial hiccups, Sunny generally does okay in the car. She prefers to be with her humans and might need a little reassurance during car rides.

Crate Training: Sunny has never been in a crate and has full range of the house.

Favorite Activities: Sunny’s happiness revolves around being with her family, playing with her toys, and basking in the sun outdoors. She also has a penchant for sticks!

Quirks and Special Qualities: Sunny’s adorable way of trying to get attention by attempting to jump on you, followed by her “jelly-like” drop to the ground, always brings a smile. She also has a unique “kiss spot” with a darker circle of fur on her forehead.

Overall Description: Sunny is a wonderful, loving dog who’s looking for a forever home where she can continue to thrive. She has been a great companion, both to humans and other dogs, and with the right family, she’ll keep learning and adapting to become an even more remarkable dog.

If you think Sunny could be the perfect addition to your family, keep do the following to arrange a meet-and-greet. Sunny is ready to share her love and affection with her forever family!

If you have already submitted an adoption application and you are interested in Sunny, please email and ask about her.  Otherwise, read the GRRCC Adoption Requirements and complete an Adoption Application:

Sunny’s foster mom provided these details:

1)  What is your foster dog’s activity level (energetic, playful, likes to fetch or play tug, mild-mannered, quiet, etc.)? Sunny is a mild mannered dog however she will occasionally run along with our other two big dogs, but she does not interested so much in playing with them and would rather be close to her humans.  She does love a good roll in the grass when she is outside

2)  Is he/she reliably housebroken?  If no, what’s the problem? Sunny does well in the house and has a set routine of when she goes to the bathroom.  She has only had a couple of accidents over the 10 weeks we have had her though (while she was still nursing).

3)  What obedience commands does the dog seem to know and follow? Sunny has learned her name, “inside”, “outside”, “no” and “dinner / let’s eat”.  She did not know any commands but will learn quickly since she is so human focused.

4)  How is your foster dog with other dogs? Sunny is very good with our 3 other dogs and was an amazing mother to her 3 puppies.  There were times she would  not like one of our dogs to be near her puppies while they were in “their” safe space and would be a good mother giving him a warning to stay back, but never anything aggressive.

5)  How is he/she with cats? We have 3 cats and she really doesn’t care or interact with them.

6)  How is he/she with children? I have 2 daughters (21 & 18) and she has been around other kids of the same age.  I have never seen her around younger children but I think she would be a wonderful dog for younger kids. She is very gentle and cautious.

7)  How is your foster dog on a leash? We have not walked long distances with her on a leash but only when we have gone to the vet.  She does well and does not pull but follows your lead. I don’t think a leash will be an issue for long distances since she is just happy to be near her humans.

8)  How does he/she ride in the car (getting in and out, while traveling)? Generally ok, but we did have a couple of issues when she went to the bathroom in the car.  The first time early on I was taking her to the vet by myself and was also the first time the puppies did not come along so she was very stressed.  The second time was human error because I forgot to let her out before we left.  We did have to pick her up and get her out of our SUV in the beginning but does much better now on her own.

9)  How is he/she in a crate? We have never had her in a crate.  She has full range of the house.

10)  What does your foster dog seem to enjoy/like most? She loves being with her family, having toys to play with an being outside and sunbathing.  And sticks!

11)  What negative behaviors have you observed (e.g. separation anxiety, begging, jumping)? She does not have any bad behaviors that we have noticed but she does get a little scared of sudden noises (i.e. if we drop a pan lid).  She did starting barking when we started weaning her but never did the first 6 weeks.  I blame that on my other big dogs though to be honest 😊

12)  How does your foster dog react to thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises? We have not really had any loud storms other scenarios where there are loud noises.  She is not bothered by the vacuum, hairdryer, etc .

13)  Does your foster dog need a companion dog or would they do best as an only? Sunny would not need to have a companion but would do well either way.

14)  What else can you share about your foster dog that would be helpful in our search for his/her forever home? Sunny has been a wonderful dog and mother while she has been here.  She has learned how to “dog” better while she has been here and will continue to learn more with the right family.  She is a very loving dog and is just happy to be loved and be around her family.

15)  Please share any cute things your foster does, or any funny stories! I think the cutest thing that Sunny does that always makes me laugh is when she tries to jump on me to get my attention and say “hi” because she doesn’t really know how to did it right, so after I give her kisses (she has a darker circle of hair on her forehead that is her “kiss spot”) I put her back down on the ground but she just drops  down on her stomach like jello. 😊