Suni – Age 12
Rescued October 2012
Suni was surrendered when her newly retired owners wanted to travel

11 ½ years old, 90 lbs, blond, female

Suni (pronounced Sue-Knee) was surrendered to us by her owners that had had her for the last 7 ½ years of her life. They are recently retired and are beginning to travel extensively. They have been asking a relative to take care of Suni, but they felt this has been very hard on their relative and they did not feel right about continuing to ask her to care for their dog.  They did not want to board her in a facility as they felt that this would be very hard for her.  They believed it would best to get her in a home where people would be around to care for her (not sure why a Petsitter would not have been a viable alternative) so they contacted us.  We of course said a resounding yes to taking in this sweet and serene girl.

Suni is a rather full figured girl right now and needs to lose at least 20 lbs. She also has several lipomas (benign fatty tumors found frequently in older and overweight Goldens). These will not be removed since it would merely cosmetic surgery and the size of a couple of them would require a large incision which is simply not warranted. Although she is an only dog, she has been around other dogs throughout the years and gets along well with all of them. The relative that kept her when her owners were traveling has another dog and they get along famously.   She has not been exposed to cats but everything in her gentle and loving nature would suggest she would be fine with them. Although her owners are retired she has been around a lot of children (visitors), of all ages, including babies, and she is fine around everyone, from the smallest to the tallest. She is completely housebroken and can be trusted alone in the house when you’re gone, all day if necessary. She was crated trained as a younger dog but has not been in one (hasn’t needed to be) in many years. She has absolutely no problem in thunderstorms and rarely barks. In fact, the only time she barks is when she wants to come into the house, but even that is only on occasion. She will stay outside when it is nice out, maybe for a few hours, but in cold or hot weather she only goes out to go to the bathroom. She has always been inside at night, where she stays downstairs, and does not ever go upstairs.  Her surrendering owners never walked her; saying that Suni was not interested in walking with them. However, they said that when their relative took care of her, she loved to walk every day with the relative and her dog.

Suni is everything one would expect from a senior Golden. She is sweet, quiet and low maintenance…wanting only to please and have a home for her Golden Years with a soft place to lie down and a gentle hand upon her head or tummy. She wants so very little and will give you so very much. She is obviously a little confused and worried about what to what she ‘did’ to get her turned away from the only home she has known for the vast majority of her life. We are assuring her with love and affection her she did NOTHING wrong and, despite the bad hand she has recently be dealt, we will make sure she is  happy once again…in a loving Forever Home that sees her for exactly what she is….not as an inconvenience but rather a beloved family member.