Zoey – Age 12
Rescued February 2013
Zoey’s owners did not have enough time for her

12 ½ yrs, 74 lbs, female, golden

Zoey was surrendered to us by her owner. Due to the death of her husband, she felt she did not have enough time for Zoey and she did not want to watch her age and pass away.  Yes, sadly, we do get stories like this quite frequently! Obviously, we immediately agreed to take this lovely dog into GRRCC

Zoey is you typical ‘perfect’ senior Golden. She is completely housebroken and can be trusted alone in the house when you are gone. She enjoys her walks but does not need a ton of exercise. She was raised with cats and is totally unconcerned about them (simply ignores them).  She is great with other dogs, large and small, and good with kids (she has been around ages 6 years old and up). She rides wonderfully in a car, is pretty good on a leash and just, all in all, a delightful and ‘easy’ dog! Most importantly, she is simply sweet as sugar! She loves people and life in general. We did as senior blood panel on her when she came to us and her blood work was perfect. We also surgically removed a few unsightly lipomas and ‘warts’ when she was under anesthesia to get a much needed and overdue dental. She is a few pounds overweight (but only maybe 4-5 lbs) so is on the larger size for a female Golden. She has more of a ‘field’ Golden build, being taller and longer legged rather that broad chested and blocky headed.  She does have some arthritis (typical for her age) so a home without a lot of stairs would be best for her, especially as she ages. She does not however, have a problem getting up or down on the slippery tile floors at her foster mom’s house and you can tell she got a decent amount of exercise in her previous home because she has pretty good muscle mass and tone. She is actually in very good ‘shape’ for a dog of her age.

As you can see from her pictures she is a lovely, serene lady with that gorgeous white face that Goldens get as they age. These pictures were taken when we only had her a few days so she does look sad and bewildered…and honestly, why wouldn’t she be sad and bewildered? She was abandoned by the person to whom she had given 12 ½ years of unconditional love; and they didn’t even look back. She was also in need of a Spa Day at the groomers, which she has now had! Fortunately her spirit is rebounding, thanks to the forgiving and optimistic nature of this wonderful breed and she is now looking forward to the next chapter in her life; one where someone doesn’t consider her a disposable commodity or ‘inconvenient’. This incredibly sweet dog with her gentle and loving spirit did not deserve the hand she was dealt and we will make very sure she wins the jackpot with her next family.

Foster update March 14th:

Apologies for being slack and not giving you an update on my ‘roommate’… Zoey is doing great.  She is feeling much less sad and abandoned and she follows me from room to room, which is a tough adjustment on me after being dogless for so long. She had a bath last week and looks great. Her surger(ies) were Friday and she sailed through them like the trooper she. She has a ‘Colgate smile’ now and MUCH better breath!  She has a hilarious playful streak in her every now and then – loves to bat around the ball. She also was next door with my neighbors two mini-dogs (terrier and toy poodle who is the antithesis of a toy anything) over the weekend and she had a ball (literally) with them. Have yet to hear her bark…sweet, sweet dog!