Big Sammy

Big Sammy

Big Sammy – Age 12
Rescued August 2014
Sammy’s owner was going thru a divorce and being evicted from her home

12 yrs., 86 lbs, blond, male

Sammy was surrendered to us by his owner who a chronic medical condition that left him no longer capable of taking care of an active dog, such as a Golden. Sammy, although 12, has the physique of an 8 yr-old (as per the vet during his intake physical), and the innocence of a 4 yr-old, out on his first adventure. He may be 12 in dog years but he apparently ‘didn’t get the memo’ about aging and is still quite active and engaged.

We were told that Sammy didn’t like toys, but it appears that his previous owner just didn’t have the type of toys that a soft-palate Golden enjoys.  On his first day in his foster home, he started nosing his foster sister’s latex squeaky toy.  He didn’t chase tennis balls, however he tried to catch them on a bounce.  Now that he is settled in, he has moved up to keep-away and tug-of-war also.  Being an older gentleman, he only plays in short spurts, but he plays with all his heart when he does. At the moment, Sammy’s coat looks like a patchwork quilt, due to several mats being removed.  He’s had a “summer” cut, and when it grows back, it will be a beautiful medium gold. He is at a good weight at 86 lbs., hence why we occasionally call him Big Sammy!

Sammy found a new favorite treat when he joined his foster family – ice cubes.  His first cube he refused, but when his Golden foster sister ate both hers and his, he decided to check it out.  His second cube went into his mouth and immediately onto the floor.  Apparently, in his mind treats aren’t supposed to be cold.  However, the third time, when he first crunched into the cube, was magical!  He ate his, one that had fallen on the floor, and the few that that were added to his water bowl.  His foster family is looking forward to his reaction when next the ice cube tray needs emptied.

Sammy’s foster family recently found out that:  1.) Sammy will coffee-table surf, and 2.) Sammy doesn’t like strawberry preserves.  Now that they are aware of this little idiosyncrasy, his family will work with him on this, and he should be free of this habit by the time he arrives at his forever home. Sammy has been tested with cats, dogs, and small children.  Dogs and cats he is indifferent to.  He lives harmoniously with his Golden foster sister but really doesn’t engage her in play or ‘need’ another dog in his life, like some Goldens do. He enjoys children (or anyone who will rub or brush him).

Because he is a very affectionate hugger/leaner, Sammy shouldn’t be placed with small children who are not yet solidly on their feet or those are easily tumbled by an 86 lbs dog, and therefore won’t be placed in a home with children under four.  For the same reasons, Sammy will also not be placed in a home where there are adults with any steadiness or mobility issues. As a laid-back 12 yr-old, he also should not go into a home where he is intended to be a child’s playmate.  In human terms, Sammy is what we would call a bookworm, and would frustrate an active child that wants Sammy to keep up with him on his adventures.

This wonderful boy may have had a doghouse or crate at his previous home, as one of his favorite spots is under his foster parents’ glass top coffee table, where he looks up thru the glass at them.  Sammy has dog beds available to him in their family room and their master bedroom, and he lays on them at times, however he also lies on the carpet or the cold tile.

Sammy’s is a mellow 12 yr-old looking for a forever home where he can spend his life hanging out with his forever family.  He will fit perfect in a home with a work-from-home parent, spending the day at his forever parent’s feet, and his evenings and weekends with loving hands to rub his tickle spot and playing tug-of-war and squeaky toy.  A forever home that will help him explore all the marvels of the world that he has yet to encounter.

PS:  Sammy insists that his forever home have an automatic ice-cube maker.