Ryker – Adopted 7/2022

Ryker – Adopted 7/2022

Yay Ryker! Best foster fail – ever!

Ryker is a 10 yr old bundle of love that came to GRRCC through no fault of his own. He had not been to a vet in 5 years. He had a severe case of fleas and the vet thinks this is why he lost a lot of fur on his back and tail, but we took care of the fleas and the fur is slowly growing back! He also had an ear infection which has since cleared up. GRRCC took care of having him neutered and he has had a very easy recovery.

Ryker’s ideal home:
1. Fenced in yard to run and play fetch
2. Possibly another dog to play with
3. People who like to snuggle him & can give him a lot of attention
4. Someone who would not crate him, but let him sleep by their bed at night
5. Any children should be over the age of 8

Things Ryker LOVES:
1. Belly rubs
2. Snuggling
3. Wrestling w/other dogs
4. Eating
5. Chewing on bones
6. Deconstructing stuffed toys & removing squeakers
7. Going for walks
8. The dog park
9. Power naps
10. Being near you

From Ryker’s foster Mom:

When Ryker first arrived he whimpered ALOT and seemed pretty anxious. Once we got his medical issues taken care of he really settled down. No whimpering now unless he’s begging to snuggle on your lap or get a belly rub. He was allowed on beds and other furniture in his former home but we have corrected that behavior. If you allow it, he’d love to lay on the couch & snuggle with you, but is also very respectful & has learned to stay off the furniture unless invited. We allow him to get on a giant bean bag chair with us every night before bed for a really good snuggle. He will lay his head on you and put his arm around you-it’s the best!

Ryker acts much younger than his 10 yrs! He is energetic, playful and eager to please and learn new things. He knows commands like “sit”, “lay down”, “spin” and “roll over.” He knows “stay” but pretends like he doesn’t. He seems to understand & obey most any command. He has learned to play fetch and brings the ball right to you. He is a world class chewer…loves to gnaw on antlers or other really tough bones because he makes it his job to deconstruct any stuffed toy or easy chewing bone. But he has never destroyed anything that wasn’t a dog toy – does not go after shoes, couch cushions, socks, etc.

He is great on the easy harness leash that we walk him on and is friendly to other dogs & people on walks. Our Golden and Ryker have become fast friends. They love to wrestle and play tug. Wrestling is pretty much his best sport & he loves to practice! They also have adjusted to eating & sleeping near each other, so he is great with other dogs in the house. His previous home also had a cat so we assume he is okay with cats. He is perfectly housebroken and will come and get you if he needs to go out. He adapts well to schedule changes and sleeps quietly in our room until we get up in the morning. No separation anxiety has been noted.

This precious bundle of goofy goldenness is great in the car – he just lays right down; doesn’t even hold his head out the window!

We cannot stress enough how easy going this beautiful big baby is. His sweet droopy eyes just tug at your heart strings. True to his breed, he loves being with people and will gladly assist you with cooking dinner, yoga & working from home. He just wants to be near you.