Olli – Adopted

Olli is a happy, sweet 9 year old Goldendoodle. At 9, he still has the energy of a 5 year old, but the wisdom that comes with being a few years older. His foster mom says “Olli is very energetic. He loves to retrieve tennis balls or play tug of war with a toy. But he’s also able to settle down and chill at your feet if you have work to do”.

He is perfectly house broken and his foster family didn’t even bother setting up a crate. He’s been a wonderful house guest and he’s great with other dogs too. He plays with Aussie (foster mom’s granddog), who is a little picky about who she likes – and she and Olli play like siblings! He gets along fine with cats (even allows them to take over his bed without grumbling about it!), loves to take car rides and go for walks. And by the way, his walking skills are pretty darn good! He doesn’t pull and seldom stops to “check messages”.  He is really a joy to walk (and he loves it!).

His foster mom did mention that sometimes he will jump up on new folks (they are working on that) and can occasionally get a little mouthy (mouth hugs)- although that’s greatly reduced since he’s been with them.

Since doodles don’t shed much, and their coats are relatively fast growing, they do need regular professional grooming.  Proper grooming will not only guarantee that your Goldendoodle looks great, it will also prevent your pup from carrying trapped dirt and pests in its fur. You’ll definitely have a healthier Goldendoodle with grooming.

Olli is neutered and up to date on all vaccines. He does have a small growth on one eyelid that will be removed, but he’ll be ready to find his new home very soon!

Notes from Olli’s foster mom-

Olli has made himself right at home. In the morning – he loves to hop up on the bed (with our permission) and snuggle – have his head and tummy rubbed. He’ll do this at night too with whoever is on the sofa – again, he waits to be invited. After I gave him a bath a few days ago, I’d heard you needed to dry a golden doodles hair – (the goldens I’ve tried this with have bolted out the door!) Ollie just sat right down in my lap and let me comb and dry his hair.  He’s also got the sweetest face – and looks at you with so much love. Also – whenever someone comes over, Olli has to grab a toy to greet them with and to let them know he’s ready to play.