Nuala – Adopted 2/2022

Nuala – Adopted 2/2022

Nuala the sweetest little lamb!

Hi everyone! My name is Nuala (NEW-la), the Irish word for “lamb”. I am a 50 pound, 10 year old female golden retriever and looking for my furever home. My foster mom says I am the sweetest girl (and I think she is correct). I love to lay around with my foster dog siblings and foster mom but every now and then I love to play with the tennis ball or wrestle around with blankets playing hide and seek. I do have some trouble with my back legs from a past injury so I can’t play for long periods of time or go for long walks, or I tend to get sore. I am a great watch dog and will let you know if I hear someone at the door or outside. I will need a home with a structurally fenced yard, no kids younger than 8 (possible exceptions for dog savvy children), and someone home most of the day.

From Nuala’s foster home:

Nuala has spurts of energy and loves to chase a ball but also loves to lay around. She is very good in the house and has had no accidents in the month plus she has been with us. Nuala knows commands for Sit, Down, and picked up very quick on new commands we taught her, example. Staying out of the kitchen and when she does come too close, we tell her no and point away and she turns around and goes back out.

Nuala is unknown with cats and well behaved on the leash, though with her knee issues she is not walked a lot. She is very good in the car; I do help her in and out since she has back leg issues. She is tolerant of the crate but does whine on and off. Nuala really enjoys being with her people, playing fetch when she feels like it, and loves to wrestle on blankets.

Negative behaviors? She barks at noises, dogs, people etc. She doesn’t love thunderstorms or fireworks but doesn’t get overly stressed. She will just want to be right next to you.

Other helpful information? She has a lot of energy but does have back leg/knee issues so too much activity I feel would be bad for her. I think she would really like not being the only dog and possibly someone who is home most of the day. Young kids might be too much for her because they won’t understand why she can’t run and play all day.

Any thing else? She has been a joy to have. I love her to pieces; she is such a sweetie and loves to follow you around like Velcro all day. She ALWAYS knows where you are and is aware when you get up. She is very smiley and always looks happy.

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