Male Golden Mix Puppies – Mac and Winston.  DOB 1/7/2023

We have PUPPIES!!  Mac and Winston are 10 weeks old and ready for adoption!! They came to GRRCC with their mom, Sapphire (see photo), after being rescued by a concerned citizen. The puppies are now in foster homes and ready to find their forever homes. Sapphire is a beautiful Golden and their dad was likely a lab, but maybe a little something else too.

Both boys are super sweet and doing so well. Mac has already been to the beach and Winston is having fun at the lake with his foster brothers.  Mac is crate trained and doing great with potty training. Winston seems to prefer a dog bed and mostly sleeps through the night, and he’s also doing well with potty training.

Both dogs had started their on their puppy shots and GRRCC will require that the adopter have them neutered before the age of 1 year.

If you are interested, please fill out an adoption application (big yellow button) found on this page:

Or if you have previously submitted an adoption application, please contact the Adoption Team at


Mac is an absolute love bug!!!

Growing, playful, social, loves to cuddle, loves to play!!!

Crate training
– He will sometimes go into the crate on his own when he is super tired, but I usually have to put him in his crate. He does not fight it. When he is tired, he is ready for it! Usually needs quiet time and naps during the day when we are able to have a lot of fun enrichment
– Doing very well with sleeping through the night
– Does not have accidents in his crate.
– Have not named it yet (do not say “crate” when entering the crate)…that can be the next step so that you can get him to go on command

Potty Training
– Doing very well with potty training for urine…not so much with poop.
– Still recommend having access only to a small amount of space and watching constantly. If you have to keep him on a leash with you…that is a good idea as well.
– Trying to name urinating with command “Hurry! Hurry!” so everytime he goes outside whether on a walk or in my backyard, as soon as he starts to urinate I say “Hurry! Hurry! Good Hurry!
Hurry!” Not sure if he totally gets it, but last night when I took him out and he was playful and distracted I said “Hurry! Hurry!” and he went to grass and urinated. I think he is getting it!!

Leash walking
– He really doesn’t seem to like leash walking yet so needs more work with this
– Loves to play in back yard. He is so small he can escape through our fence so we keep a “puppy bumper” on his neck when he is outside so he cannot get out

– Loves to chew!!! Need to have toys, balls, bully sticks, and things for him to chew to trade out for when he tries to grab something he shouldn’t

– Mac has had quite an adventure in the last 2 weeks! He has been to the beach, does great in the car! Plays well with my other dogs although he gets corrected a lot by them and he doesn’t
seem to pay attention to their signals for him to back off
– getting used to the vacuum (I have a handful of high value treats when I am vacuuming or taking him to a new place and give it to him if seems unsure to try to help him have a positive
association with that experience).
– I rub his ears, paws and tail constantly and he does not seem to have any fear or hesitancy with being handled