Jake – Adopted 9/2023

Who is happiest for Jake?!

Jake is a 10 year old male Golden

Aww c’mon guys!  Aren’t I just the most handsome guy??  This sweet mellow fellow is ready to crawl up into your life and be your snuggle-man.

Here is what Jake’s Foster has to say about him:

1)  What is your foster dog’s activity level (energetic, playful, likes to fetch or play tug, mild-mannered, quiet, etc.)?
Couch potato who enjoys two walks a day, once in the morning after breakfast and another in the evening after dinner. Each walk is roughly 4,500 human steps to help achieve his weight loss goal. Jake is currently 116 lbs and the doctor advises him to lose ~25 lbs.

2)  Is he/she reliably housebroken?  If no, what’s the problem?
Yes, not a single accident since I began fostering. He’s a very good boy.

3)  What obedience commands does the dog seem to know and follow?
Follows sit and lay down commands. Knows stay and wait but doesn’t follow reliably.

4)  How is your foster dog with other dogs?
Gets along well with Reagan, his 45 lb Australian Cattle Dog / Labrador Retriever foster sister. He met another intact male Golden Retriever and was growling at first but calmed down after a minute or two. He wants to introduce himself to every dog he sees and because he is so big he will really invade their space. No sense of boudaries for this guy.

5)  How is he/she with cats? Unsure, no cats in foster home.

6)  How is he/she with children?
He loves meeting everybody and, given his calm demeanor, I doubt children will be an issue but he’s solely met adult humans and had no issues.

7)  How is your foster dog on a leash?
Does well on a leash and harness. For the most part he doesn’t pull unless he gets a whiff of something interesting on our walks then he will make sure he gets to that smell (you will be pulled there if you aren’t strong enough to hold him back).

8.  How does he/she ride in the car (getting in and out, while traveling)?
Loves the car and has no issues getting in/out or while traveling. Enjoys sticking his head out the window and getting his slobber all over the side of your car. You will definnitely be visting the car wash more frequently.

9)  How is he/she in a crate?
Unsure, he has free roam of the house at all times and has had no issues.

10)  What does your foster dog seem to enjoy/like most?
Head and belly scratches. If you stop giving them he will guilt you into continuing by physically lifting your hand with his massive head and guiding head scratches himself.

11)  What negative behaviors have you observed (e.g. separation anxiety, begging, jumping)?
If you leave a used papertowel on a surface he can reach he will take it and rip it up. He’s also a very messy water drinker so be prepared for puddles everywhere. He is a velcro dog when you are home but is fine being on his own as he will just sleep until you are back. No real negative behaviors that i’ve noticed.

12)  How does your foster dog react to thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises?
No issues and will sleep through thunderstorms. There isn’t much that phases him.

13)  What else can you share about your foster dog that would be helpful in our search for his/her forever home?
Jake is a very loving dog but requires a lot of human attention. I would not recommend him being adopted into a household where everybody is gone all day. He prefers his parents work from home. He also has very sensitive skin and is prone to getting hot spots so you will need to monitor his licking.

14)  Please share any cute things your foster does, or any funny stories!
He snores loudly. Everywhere I take him people are surprised at his size and we’ve heard “that’s the biggest Golden Retriever i’ve ever seen!” about a hundred times now. Jake doesn’t take it personally and rather enjoys all the attention. I’ve also only heard him bark a few times.

15)  Does your foster require a canine companion?
I bet he would be most comfortable with a canine companion given that in his previous homes he was surrounded by other dogs (previous one had seven if I remember correctly). I also get the feeling that he wouldn’t mind being an only child either, as long as his humans are around most of the time and/or take him wherever they go.