Chance now Charlie – Adopted 4/2020

Lucky Charlie found his forever home!

Adoption Pending

Chance came to GRRCC from an area shelter, where he was brought in as a stray.  The poor boy was in terrible shape – skinny, terrible coat, and worst of all, heartworm positive. Fortunately, he made it through heartworm treatment with no major issues, and he is now ready to start his new life.

Our vets think Chance is about ten years old.  He is in great health for a dog his age.  He does have some mild arthritis, typical for a dog his age.  He is on non-prescription joint supplements and should remain on those for his comfort.

Chance gets along well with other dogs, though he does have a few quirks.  Not surprisingly given how skinny he was at intake, Chance has a tendency to guard his food from other dogs.  He is being fostered in a home with three other dogs, and his foster mom handles this by feeding Chance away from her own dogs.  He tends to guard toys as well.  It’s as if he never had anything of his own and now he wants everything.  So if he goes to a home with another dog, some care will need to be taken.  Chance does not guard his food or toys from people – only from other dogs.

Chance’s foster home also has cats, and for the most part he is fine with them.  His foster mom says she does not completely trust Chance with one of her cats in particular, as he tends to want to play and gets too rough at times.  So when she is not at home to keep an eye on things, she separates Chance and this cat.  If Chance goes to a home with a cat, it needs to be a dog-savvy cat with plenty of confidence.

Chance is learning leash manners.  His foster mom uses a harness to walk him and that has helped greatly.  He loves hanging out with people and is not terribly interested in spending large amounts of time outdoors.  He is very affectionate and can be trusted loose in the house.  He has been around children and does fine.  It sometimes take Chance a bit of time to warm up to men, and we are not sure why.  He loves his foster dad, but perhaps there was a man in his past that was not good to him and Chance remembers that.  For the most part, though, he is fine with everyone.

Chance would benefit from an owner willing to enforce the rules so that he knows what is expected of him.  His foster mom says he is smart and he listens well when told what to do. She also says for a 10 year old, Chance is quite energetic and “bouncy.”  Chance is looking to spend his “golden years” in a home where he will be loved and cared for.  We have promised him we will find that home!

If you have already submitted an adoption application and you are interested in Chance, please email and ask about him.  Otherwise: