Sadie – Adopted 11/2020

Sweet Sadie is living the sweet life!

Sadie was surrendered to GRRCC by a woman who loved her very much, but could not afford to keep her.  This woman got Sadie from her original owner, who had Sadie since she was a puppy.  Unfortunately, the original owner did not take good care of Sadie, and she was malnourished and received little to no veterinary care in her original home.

We were told that while in her original home, Sadie lived with children and another large dog.  Apparently at some point in time, the other dog bit Sadie rather badly.  Probably because of this, it takes Sadie a little bit of time to warm up to strange dogs.  She is not aggressive at all, but is cautious and hesitant at first.  (Note: Sadie is being fostered in a home with other dogs and does very well with them.). Though Sadie did not live with cats in her original home or in her second home, her foster mom does have a cat, and Sadie is fine with the cat.  She also loves her foster dad, so no issues with men.

Sadie is a year old (DOB 7-26-19) and is on the small side at about 54 pounds.  Sadie does have allergies, which is the primary reason she was surrendered to GRRCC by her second owner.  She was initially put on antibiotics to help clear up a skin infection, as well as allergy medicine.  Her foster mom also gave Sadie medicated baths frequently in the beginning.  Over the course of the weeks since we’ve had Sadie, her skin and coat have improved drastically.  She is on a single protein source dog food for sensitive skin and stomach.  This is not a prescription food and is no more expensive than any other premium dog food.  It is very important that anyone interested in Sadie understands how to manage her allergies.  She must not be allowed to eat any food or treats that will cause her allergies to flare up.  This includes flavoring that chewable Heartworm medication and flea/tick preventatives contain.  She can either have a shot to prevent Heartworm disease or special, non-flavored pills can be ordered for her.  Topical flea/tick medications like Frontline are fine for Sadie.  Another option for flea/tick control is the Seresto collar.

It is our vet’s hope that carefully managing Sadie’s diet will be “enough” to combat/control her allergies, but only time will tell.  It may be that Sadie will need allergy medication or injections from time to time to maintain her healthy skin and coat.  For this reason, we are considering Sadie a “special needs dog.”  Please only consider applying to adopt Sadie if you are willing to spend extra money on her if necessary.  We want this sweet girl to find her forever home, and not be bounced around any more.

Sadie is housebroken and is learning some commands.  She loves people and enjoys a good cuddle whenever she can get it.  She is crate trained and rides well in the car, though she won’t jump into the car yet.  She will put her front paws up and her foster mom gives her a boost.  She loves to run in the yard and is very playful, appropriate for a dog her age.  She has lots of energy.  Sadie needs work on walking nicely on a leash, as she does pull quite a bit.  Her foster mom is working with her on this.

Sadie does not react to thunderstorms or fireworks but she is a bit of an “alarm barker.”  She needs to learn that the world is a safe place and there’s no need to alert her people to every sound or movement.  Sadie needs to develop self-confidence, and she needs a calm, assertive leader to help her with this.  Sadie’s foster mom, who has lots of experience with dogs, feels Sadie has lots of potential.  A patient person who understands that Sadie has been through many, many changes in her short life will be the best fit for Sadie.  As with all our very young dogs, Sadie will need a home in which an adult is home most of the day.  She is a happy girl who has lots of love to give!

If you have already submitted an adoption application and you are interested, please email and ask about her.  Otherwise: