Bosco – Adopted

Bosco is a 12-year-old neutered Golden-mix. He was surrendered to a local shelter by his former owner who could no longer take care of him. Another amazing rescue organization mobilized to assess Bosco’s physical health and temperament, then accepted him into their program and immediately took him to their veterinary partner. Since the other rescue organization didn’t have any Foster homes available at the time, Bosco came to GRRCC and the rest is history!

Bosco had a double ear infection and a small, benign eyelid gland tumor that needed to be removed, which is now completely healed. In addition, Bosco caught kennel cough at the shelter, so had to be treated for that too! The poor boy! Once he came through that and started feeling better, we broke the news to Bosco that the vet said he would be healthier if he could lose 10 pounds. Like the rest of us, Bosco is not crazy about the idea of a diet, but he has a small frame and is already been making progress.

Other things Bosco has told us: he hates peanut butter (we couldn’t believe it either!), but he loves rides in the car and snuggles on the couch with his people. So far, he hasn’t met anyone he doesn’t like! Bosco is just a calm older gentleman looking for his retirement paradise!