Biscuit now Becker – Adopted 8/2022

Life is good for Becker!


Biscuit is a sweet, tall, happy Golden sweetheart. He is a 2 year old, 75 lb, neutered male looking for a home where he can finally stay put! Through no fault of his own Biscuit has already had 2 owners in his short life. Will you be Biscuit’s forever home?

Biscuit’s ideal home:
1. Fenced in yard to run and play fetch
2. People who like to like having a dog that follows them everywhere
4. A home where someone is home most of the time
5. A family willing to provide love and attention

From Biscuit’s foster Mom:

Biscuit is a playful, mild-mannered and well-mannered young boy. He will sit nicely to let you wipe his paws clean before coming inside and let me clean his ears and put drops in them with no issues (a lot of dogs will never let you do those two things no matter how long you have them).

As far as barking, I think I have heard Biscuit bark one time since he has been here, and that was because my own dog was barking.
Biscuit is completely housebroken. He has not had an accident the entire time he has been with me.
Biscuit knows sit, leave it, and shake commands. When he was out in the yard, if I called his name, he would come. He will chase the ball, just not bring it back to you yet.

Biscuit has been great with my GR, Dixie who is female, age 8. He was also good with another dog that was visiting at my house, a younger mixed breed 7-month-old puppy who was all over him ready to play, and wouldn’t leave Biscuit alone. Biscuit played with this dog for hours, no signs of aggression.

Biscuit was great with my two cats; he didn’t really seem to notice them one way or the other. I have not observed him around any children, but I can’t imagine it would be a problem. The previous owner had a middle-school aged son. Biscuit is very docile and NO agressive tendencies at all.

He does pull on the leash and will need some training. I was trying to help him with this, by using “red light, green light” and the clicker. He is a very smart dog and I think he will be easy to train.

He will hop in the car and rides well, we did not go a long distance although he didn’t exhibit any anxiety being in the car, so I don’t think that would be an issue.

I have not used a crate with Biscuit, the previous owner said she had never put him in a crate, so neither did I.
Biscuit loves being with you!!! He is a big baby that will follow you around and just wants to be near you, but not to the point of being obnoxious. He didn’t jump on my bed or furniture, but he will lay by your feet, and he will always be in the same room with you which is ok by me.
Biscuit’s forever home will need to remove any clothing, linens, shoes from his area until he learns everything isn’t his for the taking (especially shoelaces). I learned to keep closet doors always closed and items on kitchen counters pushed back out of reach. I did not notice any anxiety or jumping, maybe a little begging, but when you tell him leave and point to another spot in the room, he will either go to that spot (for a minute) or at least lay down. He is never all over you at the dinner table or when you are trying to eat.

We had several severe thunderstorms while Biscuit was with me, and I noticed no change in his personality. The storms didn’t seem to bother him a bit. My coffee grinder in the mornings, the vacuum cleaner did not affect Biscuit so loud noises do not bother him.

Biscuit will be a great dog for someone that is willing to put the time in to give him the love he wants and train him to be the great dog that he can be. He just needs a bit of training so people will love to be around him, and he will be an even better dog than he already is. People will need to be gentle around Biscuit, so you don’t scare him. If you have something in your hand and raise your arm toward him, he will duck and cower like he’s afraid you are going to hit him. He doesn’t get aggressive at all, just total submission and sadness.

He has the cutest run; it’s like he is prancing around. He loves to be outside. When you let him outside, he runs like a deer, that kind of “hop jump” thing that a deer will do. He loves to be able to see outside. He would sit and look out the windows in whatever room we were in. Biscuit seemed like he is so happy to be outside and have a yard to play in, loved to chase the squirrels, and being outside with me and Dixie. If he hears a dog on the TV, he will watch TV for a little while. He loves to get your attention by putting one of his paws on you and looking at you with that sweet face of his. He is a great dog and only going to get better!