Aboo now Aboo Bae – Adopted 10/2022

Aboo Bae can see his happy future quite clearly now!

UPDATE 10/6:  Aboo has been matched for adoption!!

UPDATE 9/23:  Check out new pics of Aboo playing in the water and celebrating his foster brothers’ birthday!!

Aboo is an energetic, goofy and confident seven year old male with the most adorable name who came to us as an owner-surrender. He has lived with his former owner since he was born. Because of personal circumstances, they did not feel he was living his best life and made the tough decision to surrender to help him find a more enriching environment. He has grown up with a human sibling and a small terrier. In his foster home, he is living with two other dogs and has met many other pups with varying temperaments.

Aboo is completely blind because of a genetic condition. He has been blind his entire life and navigates well as a result. He is shy when meeting new humans and prefers to be the first to initiate sniffs and contact. If you reach out quickly to pet him, he will become cautious and scared.  He is much less shy when meeting other dogs. While in the foster home, he started out pretty reserved and did not explore his new environment much. He whined the first day if he didn’t know where I was in the room. It was a big change for this little guy to suddenly be in a different and strange home with new dogs so that’s an understandable reaction. After a couple days, he was much more comfortable and navigated the space like a pro! He didn’t love my hardwood floors at first, but got used to them very quickly. Aboo can climb stairs fine, he will hop easily on and off couches and beds. He does not however know how to go down the steps and will need to be carried. At about 50lbs, we are looking for a home where he can be carried or a home without stairs. Steps are fine, but a flight stairs he can’t walk down.

Having lived in a home for seven years, he is house trained. He’s a good leash walker and loves to run too! He eats well and will occasionally growl if another dog is trying to eat from his food bowl while he’s eating. This has never escalated past growling to communicate but it’s always a good practice to feed dogs in separate spaces. He does not growl or guard his food if my hand is in his bowl when he’s eating, just the other dogs. This has only happened once, but it’s worth noting. On the flip side, he will gladly stick his whole little head in YOUR food bowl when you’re eating dinner, but we’re working on manners there. 🙂  Aboo does not require a home with other dogs but it may help his confidence level as he’s learning his new environment. He is incredibly loving and cuddly. He meets people easily and is very brave when we’re out and around town. So far he has gone on short hikes, wine tasting at the biltmore, breweries, Lowe’s and many gatherings and dinners at the house. He loves squeaky toys and will even fetch by sniffing! He is also playful with my dogs, but i haven’t found a perfect match for him to safely wrestle and tussle. His zoomies are the absolute cutest and a routine daily occurrence.

While he is a special needs dog, his condition doesn’t require any special care, medication or vet visits beyond the normal annual checkups, shots, etc.

Think you’ve found your new boo? ❤️