Quincy now Banksy – Adopted 3/2020

Banksy found the best mom ever!

Adoption Pending

Quincy is a three year old Goldendoodle that was turned in to GRRCC by a woman whose changing job schedule did not allow her to spend enough time with her dogs.  Quincy lived with several other dogs and gets along well with the dogs in his foster home.  However, Quincy’s foster mom doesn’t feel Quincy necessarily “needs” another dog in the home to be happy, as he is more of a “people dog” and just loves to be with his person.  We are not sure how Quincy would do with cats, though he did live with small dogs in his original home.  He also doesn’t seem to have a particularly high prey drive, so cats would probably be okay as long as they didn’t run from him.

Quincy seems to have the type of personality that makes him want to bond very strongly to one person.  Initially, after he became very attached to his foster mom, he exhibited some resource guarding behavior and would give a low growl when others (people and/or dogs) approached him when he was with his foster mom.  So, he had to be taught that this is not acceptable behavior and had to be taken down a peg or two.  His foster mom had to let him know she is boss (and he is not) by not allowing him on the furniture with her, etc. until his behavior improved – which it did.

Quincy’s foster mom describes him as quiet and mild-mannered.  He is reliably housebroken and will come when called.  He is not fond of sharing food with the other dogs in his foster home and will growl if they come near his bowl while he’s eating.  He walks well on a leash and rides nicely in the car.  He likes older children and often sleeps with his foster mom’s granddaughter.  We feel a home with children no younger than 10 would be best for Quincy, as he does not like a lot of noise or chaos.  (He’s a bit of an old soul.)  However, he doesn’t have issues with thunderstorms, etc.

Quincy would be okay in a home in which his people were gone part of the day, though he would THRIVE in a home where someone was there most of the time.  He just wants to lie beside you on the sofa while you read or watch TV.  His foster mom says he likes that so much that she really wants a home in which he is allowed on the furniture.

If you are interested in Quincy, please read about Goldendoodles and the care necessary for their coats.  Please understand that “Doodles” need professional grooming every 6-8 weeks (and brushing in-between) in order to avoid those nasty mats.  Quincy is healthy and ready to find his forever home.  Please forgive the less-than-perfect photos we have of Quincy.  Anyone who has ever had a black dog knows how hard it is to get decent photos!

If you have already submitted an adoption application and you are interested, please email GRRCCapps@gmail.com and ask about him.  Otherwise: