Max – Age 10
Rescued August 2013
Max’s family fell on hard times and had to move

10 years, 93 lbs, golden, male

Max was surrendered to us by a family that had had him since we was an 8 week old puppy. Sadly, financial issues had arisen that required that they move to a place where they could not take Max.  Wanting the best for their much loved dog, they contacted us and very tearfully arranged for him to come into our care.

Max is simply a wonderful, wonderful boy. Although he is still a little chunky at 93 lbs, he has already lost 10 lbs and only has another 10 lbs or so to go until he’s at a perfect weight. He may be 10 years old but he clearly didn’t ‘get the memo’ about acting like a senior! He loves to play with other dogs (Max is often the one that initiates play with his Golden foster sibling that is half his age) and he had an absolute blast when he spent some time at an interactive day care (check out his pics…that’s one happy boy!). He is also good with cats and lived with them in his original home. He is also wonderful with kids…helping to raise 3 children (now teenagers) in his original home and having a blast with the 7 & 9 years olds in his foster home. He is perfectly house trained and can be left lose in the house when you’re gone. He is also a good car rider, as is true of most Goldens and he is a dream on a leash…no pulling like a draft horse or weaving to and fro.

Max is ready to start the next chapter in his life…he is the quintessential Golden Retriever. …happy-go-lucky, never met a stranger, sporting a perpetual smile and wagging tail. Seriously, if Max was a house, a realtor would call him ‘in move in condition’!! Life is a wonderful adventure for Max and he is just looking for someone to share it with.

Foster Update:

What a good dog Max is. He is great on a leash. He walks very well and does not pull and I have to say, you’d never know his age by the pace he maintains! He loves to chase the ball but; doesn’t always return it :o). I think he just has different rules for the game of fetch. He rides well in the car. I have a small SUV, I put the back seats down and he lies down and puts his head on my arm rest. It is very cute. He is wonderful with my kids. They hug him and love on him and he really seems to enjoy their company.  He shares toy wonderfully with our Golden Abby. However he does likes to pull the stuffing out of his plush toys so we have had a few piles of white fluff on the floor. He is a very active and ‘young’ 10 year old. He is the one that usually prompts the kids and Abby to play and romp with him. He is perfectly behaved in the house. No accidents at all, nothing inappropriate chewed on, etc.  He likes to put his head under the bed in my younger son’s bedroom. I think if he could fit, he would go all the way under. He loves to be petted (but then, what Golden doesn’t?!) and he wiggles his way around so you end up petting the base of his tail; that is his favorite spot.