Callie – Age 10
Rescued June 2015
Callie’s elderly owner could no longer care for her

10-11 years, 62 lbs., golden, female

Callie came to us via a young woman who had ‘inherited’ her Grandfather’s dogs when he passed away. She was able to keep his small breed dog but unable to keep Callie so contacted us for help.

It was clear when we got her that she had not had the best of care recently. She only weighed 43 lbs. when we got her and was very, very skinny. She is up to 62 lbs. as of October and really only needs to gain another 3-5 lbs. or so to be at her ideal weight. She is a more ‘lean’ Golden in her body style, versus some of the more ‘stocky and blocky’ English Goldens. Unfortunately, although not unexpectedly, Callie was heartworm positive. We also noticed a suspicious looking lump which we removed. It was diagnosed as a Mast Cell Tumor but one that should not cause any other problems or re-develop. It was graded as a Low grade 2. The scale is 1-4 with 4 being probably already metastized and 1 being a non-event. A ‘low grade 2’ is a new definition or actually a refinement the histopaths are using now. Grade 2 MCTs ran the gambit from a nothing to worry much about to being close to a grade 3 and very much something to worry about so ‘those in the know’ decided to break it down further into ‘high’ and ‘low’. Obviously ‘low’ is good! Also there is a measure called a Mitotic Index. This index shows the percentage of cells in the tumor that are actively multiplying. Callie’s s was 0% (obviously the best number possible!). In addition, our vet was able to get very clean margins so the combination of all three of those findings suggest she should not have a re-occurrence of the MCT and that it has not, and should not, spread or re-occur.

She has now finished her HW treatments and all other medical procedures and came through all them like the trooper she is, so is ready and anxious to go to her forever home. As you can see she has a lovely curly coat…humans spend a small fortune for the curls that Callie has naturally! She has quite a bit of get-up-and-go for her age and is getting more and more as her health and energy has returned. However, typical senior girl…she is perfectly content to chill out by your side and watch TV or ‘help’ you work on your computer. She is not a clingy or needy dog…she is happy just to be in the same room with you! She is totally housebroken and can be trusted lose in the house when you’re gone. She is great with kids (the granddaughter had children ages, 2, 4, and 6 years old). Also wonderful with other dogs and was fine with the resident House Kitten. She is excellent on a leash and a great car rider.

She may have a little ‘snow on the rooftop’ but has all the love in the world to give her new family. She is simply grateful for even the smallest of gestures of affection and attention. It is clear that even though Callie wasn’t particularly well cared for by her original owner, she was well loved. She adores people and wants only to be a family member again…this time well cared for and well loved!!!