Blossom – Age 10
Rescued February 2015
Blossom’ s former owners were financially unable to care for her

11 years, 73 lbs., female, blonde

Due to life style changes, Blossom was surrendered to us by her owners that had had her since she was a puppy. As we were discussing Blossom’s history with her owners, we were told that she had never (seriously, never) in her life been seen by a veterinarian or received any shots or routine vet care. Obviously our first stop after getting her was at our vet’s office. Well, as good fortune would have it, other than needing vaccinations, to be spayed and have a couple of dead teeth removed, little Blossom was pronounced to be in excellent health.

Blossom acts much younger than her almost 11 years….honestly, she has the energy level of 6 or 7 year old Golden. That said, she is also being happily willing to ‘chill out’ with her foster mom.  She has perfect house manners including being completely housebroken and trustworthy loose in the house when you are gone. We were told by her owners that she gets nervous in storms if she is home alone but is fine if she has access to a bathroom with a bathtub in it. Blossom is wonderful on a leash and will walk as long as you’d like her to. She loves car rides…anywhere, anytime! She is good with all the kids she has met and ambivalent with other cats and dogs.

Below is what Blossom wrote about herself (with a little assistance from her Foster Mom J)

My name is Blossom, although my foster mom calls me Ice Blossom, Snow Blossom, Budding Blossom, Blooming Blossom (she has a lot of flowering shrubs and trees), and my personal favorite – Awesome Blossom.

I’ll be 11 yrs. old on May 17.  Although I’m almost 11 on paper, I have the heart and soul (and body) of a 5-6 yr. old.  I adapted really fast to my foster house.  I checked it out on my own and I wasn’t even scared when I was out of view of my foster mom.  I brought my bed with me and my foster mom put it in a corner in the living room, where I could keep an eye on her.  I do enjoy my bed, but I’m just as happy looking out the windows or sleeping on my foster mom’s feet.  (She wiggles her toes and it feels like a massage.)  My foster mom made me a bed in her bedroom so that I could sleep upstairs by her if I want to.  It took my foster mom a little while to figure out that I won’t go upstairs without an invitation, but I have her trained now.  I’m completely comfortable being home alone for an afternoon, or an evening.  I just rest up so I’m ready to play when my foster mom gets home.  Mom says she’s proud of me because I settled in so well.  I heard her tell someone that I “have the Golden gift of moving on with my tail held high!”  I like that!

I did have kinda bad breath when I first came to live with her, but the vet gave me a really good teeth cleaning and removed a couple of teeth that were bothering me, and I haven’t had bad breath since then.  I know my foster mom can tell the difference because she kisses me on the nose all the time now.

My foster mom has a great back yard that I like to lay out in, and sometimes, patrol.  I snuffle the deer prints, but don’t go into tracking mode when I smell them.  I even saw three deer in the back yard and I was really good.  I held still and chuffed as softly as I could, so as not to scare them.  They stared at me, so I stared back – fair is fair.  Eventually they walked away.  I was bummed that they didn’t stay to play, but I was a good hostess, so hopefully they’ll come again soon.