After a two-year lapse due to the pandemic, the Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte (GRRCC) held its Annual Meeting on February 5, 2023 at 3 pm in the Education Center of the Humane Society of Charlotte’s Animal Resource Center.

In addition to the current Board members (Paula Barr, Ashley Finney, Sarah Gauger, Kathy Girone, Bethany Gooch, Meg Roach and Eileen Shleffar), there were 14 attendees. The Annual Meeting began with Meg Roach, President, providing opening remarks and welcoming those in attendance, and was followed by Bethany Gooch presenting an overview of who GRRCC is and what it does.

Intake and Financial Summaries for 2022 were provided by Paula Barr, Vice President, and Sarah Gauger, Treasurer, respectively. These summaries included details about the number of rescues taken in by GRRCC during 2022, an overview of 2022 revenue and program expenses and a five-year look back of various financial information.

The slate of members for the 2023 election of Board of Directors was presented by Meg Roach. Those in attendance voted unanimously for all returning board members and new board member, Vesna Ikanovic.

Topics covered during the remainder of the Annual Meeting by Ashley Finney, Volunteer Coordinator, Paula Barr, Eileen Shleffar, Sarah Gauger and Meg Roach included the following:

  • Ways to support GRRCC through volunteering (i.e., fostering, phone duty, transportation, home assessments and representing GRRCC at special events) and other ideas (i.e., iGive, Network for Good, WoofTrax Walk for a Dog and company matching gifts and volunteer rewards programs);
  • Exploration of international rescue as a future GRRCC objective; and
  • 2023 upcoming GRRCC events: Brewsology Beer Fest (February 18), St. Patrick’s Day Parade (March 11), Lilly Pultizer Shop and Share events (April 1 and August 26) and Dunk Your Dog Day (May 20).

The Annual Meeting concluded with Meg Roach thanking those in attendance for sharing GRRCC’s passion and supporting its mission, and recognizing the contributions of Randy and Shellie Miner, Leigh Ann Combs and Shari Martin who are all integral to GRRCC but unable to attend the Annual Meeting. Following the adjournment of the Annual Meeting, attendees had the opportunity to take a tour of the Animal Resource Center given by Sarah Gauger.

Pictures from our tour following our Annual Meeting of the Charlotte Humane Society’ new Animal Resource Center.