Theo – Age 10
Rescued July 2014
Theo was a stray who had been on the road for a very long time

9-10 yrs. old, 67 lbs., blond, male

Theo is a sweet 9-10 year old Golden that came to our attention when he was picked up by Animal Control in a rural county. As soon as we were notified that he was in doggy jail, we drove out to the (high kill) shelter to get this poor boy. He was in terrible shape and obviously had been “on the road” for quite some time. On top of being underweight by almost 20 pounds, he had major hair loss, a horrible infestation of fleas and was found to be heartworm positive. His ears were so smelly and infected that the vet made a comment about the possibility of paint actually peeling off the walls while we were in the exam room. Poor Theo!!

After his vet visit and badly needed bath, Theo went to his foster home and settled right in. He has been a perfect gentleman in all ways. From day one he’s been loose in his foster home and has perfect manners. He’s a very sweet, dignified boy and loves his life of leisure! He’s a typical Golden “leaner “and loves any and all attention he’s receiving. He’s trying to gain his weight back by eating 6 cups of food per day (and what Golden wouldn’t love that!).

Theo met the resident cat at our vet and was not at all interested so he should be fine in a home with a cat. He is pretty active for his age and still loves to play. A fenced yard would be nice for this boy but he would also be content with a few nice ‘ambles’ a day for exercise. His foster dad has introduced him to children in the neighborhood and he loves them (and they love him!). He is very, very kind and gentle with even the smallest of little people. Apparently the only time he jumps on anyone is when his foster dad gets home from work and he’s soooo happy to see him!

Theo has been neutered now and he had several suspicious bumps removed at that time (they were all benign thank goodness). His beautiful coat is growing back in and he is looking GREAT these days (as you can tell from the pictures!). He has just begun his heartworm treatment and when that’s finished he’ll be ready for his forever home around the first or second week of October.

Theo would love a home with another dog to help keep him active (although that isn’t mandatory) and if there are children in the home, that would be heaven for him!

Foster home update 9/8/14

I dropped him off at MH yesterday for his HW treatment. He met the house cat there and as I thought, had no interest in it. When we see cats in the neighborhood, he doesn’t go after them like most of my fosters have, so I think he will do great in a home that may have cats.

I think he would be great in a home with another more laid back dog since he loves other dogs and it would keep him occupied ….he doesn’t deserve to be subjected to puppy antics although I am sure he would be the perfect gentleman with one….being a perfect gentleman is just ‘how he rolls’! Since he is an older dog, he tends to just “chill” out most of the time. Some good outdoor activity would definitely be good.

He is truly great in the house and has been from Day 1; no accidents, no chewing (and I leave a lot of items accessible to him like laundry in the bathroom). It is clear to me that at some point in his life, he was an inside dog. He loves his walks even if they are short ones. He tends to do his business rather quickly so doesn’t take forever to go.

Great with kids as well as adults; has not jumped on any of the children or adults in the neighborhood but may from time to time when I get home from work, but that is a normal reaction after being alone for 7 or 8 hours. He gets down quickly. He knows sit, lay down, and stays at the door threshold when we are going outside before I give him the go ahead.