Rescued October 2012
Pacey was surrendered by his owners for medical reasons

10 years, 82 lbs, blonde, male

Pacey was surrendered to us by owners that had had him all his life. Every day, for his entire life, he lived outside (regardless of the weather) in a 10’ X 10’ pen with only an igloo dog house for shelter.  We were told that they were surrendering him because their 2 year old son was allergic to dogs and couldn’t play outside even when Pacey was restricted to his dog lot. (Yes, we do hear some hard to believe stories!).

We gladly took this happy and smiley boy into the GRRCC ‘fold’ and set about making things right for him. Even though he had never stepped foot in a house before, he was a perfect gentleman at his foster home. He never, not even once, has had an accident and he is trusted loose in the house when his foster dad is at work. He does not get on the furniture, does not counter surf and doesn’t destroy anything. He rides perfectly in the car and is actually pretty good on a leash (considering he had probably ever been on one before!). It is like he is on his very best behavior to thank us for his new and greatly improved circumstances! Although he has not been exposed to a cat, he loves all the other dogs he has met, large and small. He is wonderful with kids, even little ones and seems almost ‘drawn’ to them and to understand he has to be extra special gentle in their presence.

Even though he is an older ‘gent’, he certainly doesn’t act his age and he is as limber as a rubber band and frequently lies on the floor with his rear legs straight out behind him just like a puppy (or a frog!). He likes to fetch and nibble on a dog toy but mostly he just likes to be with his person…unobtrusively making himself available for a belly rub or a head scratch. His foster dad says “Pacey is a real mush pot. He could stay next to you all day long if you keep rubbing his ear or petting him”.

Unfortunately for Pacey, the physical (environmental) neglect he suffered at the hands of his previous owners also extended to medical (veterinary) neglect and he was HW+. However he sailed through his  treatment the week after Thanksgiving and will soon (the week after Christmas) be pronounced ‘good to go’ to find his forever family. This is just a truly lovely and lovable dog…he has never met a stranger and he has happily put his ‘checkered past’ behind him and is just looking forward to the halcyon days his future will surely hold! 2013 will be the first year of his new life…are you the wonderful person or family that will make it your  New Year’s Resolution to give Pacey the wonderful life he deserves??