Bethany Gooch


Bethany Gooch

Bethany and her family attended the Club’s annual membership meeting together in January 2014 and quickly became part of the GRRCC team! Bethany became a Phone Duty Volunteer and joined the Intake Committee. Her first week on duty, the Gooches became a Foster Family to their first of 17 foster dogs…and counting! In 2015 when GRRCC’s Treasurer moved to Maryland, Bethany picked up that function too.

The Gooch Family adopted Allie from GRRCC in 2005 when she was four-years-old. She loved her kids (Sam & Ava) and seemed to intuitively know she was the middle child in birth order! She went everywhere with them…road-trips, school, vacations…everywhere! Allie was also an excellent mentor to over a dozen GRRCC foster dogs in the last 2-years of her life. Three months after Allie’s death at age 15 in May 2016, the heartbroken Gooches reluctantly agreed to foster a shelter dog named Lopez through some medical issues. The following month Lopez became an official Gooch himself! We think Allie would be happy to know her family is complete once again.

Bethany works full-time as a Regional Finance Director for a large national accounting and consulting firm. She and her husband, Marcus, live in the SouthPark area in Charlotte and have two teenagers who pretend not to know them!


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