Robbie – Adopted 2/2020

Hansome Robbie has found his forever home!

No longer accepting applications – adopted

Robbie is a five year old male that was released to us by his owner because she felt she didn’t have adequate time for him.  His owner has 2 young children and a full time job, and she knew Robbie deserved a home in which he could get the attention all Goldens crave.

Robbie is an energetic boy that loves to play outside.  He especially loves tennis balls, though he will surrender them easily to his people.  Inside, Robbie is calm and well behaved.  His foster mom leaves him loose in the house when she is not home, but she does put all the shoes away, as Robbie has a tendency to carry them around.  He has not chewed any shoes, but his foster mom doesn’t want to give him that opportunity.  Robbie will occasionally dig in the yard, something a prize-winning gardener would probably not appreciate.

Although Robbie gets along with other dogs, he does not appreciate chaos.  In the high energy (sometimes frenetic) atmosphere of doggie day care, Robbie has been known to growl at other dogs that don’t want to take “no” for an answer when it comes to constant play.  In his foster home, he gets along well with other dogs.  Robbie’s previous owner said he is fine with cats, though we have not had the chance to see that for ourselves.

Robbie is housebroken and knows “sit” and “down.”  He rides nicely in the car and is good with older children.  (We will not be placing Robbie in a home with children under the age of 10.)  Robbie is not crazy about being crated but will settle in a crate after a few minutes of barking.  He likes to walk around with toys in his mouth, typical of a retriever.  He needs some work on walking nicely on the leash, as he pulls a bit.  He enjoys swimming and is very affectionate to people.  Robbie would do well in a home with another respectful dog, or as an only dog.  He needs a home in which someone is present at least part of the day.

If you have already submitted an adoption application and you are interested in Chance, please email and ask about him.  Otherwise: