Murphy -Applications Closed

Applications Closed.  Murphy is an 8-10 month old boy that found himself in a local shelter.  As he was not reclaimed by his owner, GRRCC stepped in to find this boy a forever home. Murphy brings something other than “Golden Retriever” to the table, though we are not sure what that might be.  Some of us think he has a bit of Chesapeake Bay Retriever in his background, others feel he might have a touch of Labrador retriever.  The fact is though we don’t know, Murphy is a sweet boy that deserves a home of his own.  His coat is very curly and he weighs right at 50 pounds now, though he is still growing.

Murphy was very, very frightened while in the shelter, but he quickly found his “sea legs” once he got away from all that noise and chaos and into a loving foster home.  He is being fostered with several other dogs and has been exposed to older children as well.  He gets along well with everyone, but does not appreciate it if other dogs (other than one foster brother in particular) get too close to his food.  He loves to run and play with other dogs, but his foster mom feels he doesn’t necessarily “need” another dog in the home, provided he gets plenty of time and attention from his people. We are trying to cat-test Murphy to see how he feels about felines.  Results are pending!

Murphy is housebroken and learned how to use the dog door in his foster home in record time.  He does not particularly like being crated, though his foster mom is still working on that.  He is definitely puppy-ish and will collect (and possibly chew on) inappropriate items such as shoes, so the people in his forever home need to be aware of that and make sure the home environment is puppy-proof until Murphy learns the house rules.

PLEASE NOTE: Because we know nothing of Murphy’s background, he will not be placed in a home with children under the age of 12.  His forever home must have an adult home at least part of the day (or have a work from home adult), and a fenced yard is necessary.  These requirements are non-negotiable.  Murphy is being neutered very soon and will be ready to go to his forever home by the end of October.

If you have already submitted an adoption application and you are interested in Murphy, please email and ask about him.  Otherwise: