Molly – Adopted 8/2019

Happiest life for not-so-golden Molly!

Sweet Molly came to us at GRRCC when her elderly owner couldn’t take care of her anymore. She is about 6 or 7 years old, and just the best girl! She is doing so wonderful in her foster home, does not need to be crated or contained (and really, she prefers it that way). Her foster mom has two young human kids, and she is very gentle with them, and also with everyone she meets. While she may not be a “full” golden, she is all golden in personality.

She came with some lumps and bumps, but we had them removed when she was spayed and thankfully she was given the all clear from the vet!

Her foster mom wrote:

” Molly is an amazingly calm and gentle dog.  She is great with my two daughters (7 1/2 years old and 5 1/2 years old).  There are many children who come and go from our house as it is the summer and there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood who play together.  She does not react really at all – other than wanting attention and petting.  She is quiet and gentle.  There are a few of my daughters friends that are scared of dogs – but they are getting better and better with Molly because all she does is sniff and want petting.  She is never aggressive, never jumps, and never really barks”.

Molly has good leash manners and loves her daily walks. She is reliably housebroken and loves to sleep in the sun by the front door. I have to say that we are all amazed at just how easily she has adjusted to her foster home and what a good girl she’s been.

We did discover that Molly looks for spots in the fence where she can slip through.  Here’s what her foster mom had to say:

” Molly is a bit of a Houdini in our backyard.  Even though we have a fence – twice she has figured out how to dig under it and get out.  She was just out exploring the neighborhood street – she is not a fast dog.  Both of the times she escaped the “hole” under the fence was tiny and I still don’t know how she fit her body under it.  But it is something that needs to be taken into account.  She now has to be monitored when in our backyard.  Honestly, she prefers walks over just being in the backyard – unless there are people out there with her”.

Like most Goldens, Molly would rather be with her people than alone in the backyard. In her forever home, she will need to be monitored when in a fenced yard until she adjusts.

She is anxious during storms and fireworks, but really just wants to be next to you or go find a place where she can hide. From foster mom:

“She appears to not care for loud noises.  During the 4th of July she was anxious and while we were outside watching the large fireworks she climbed upstairs and hid in our playroom (which would not be a problem if she was ok coming back down the stairs on her own).  During a recent thunderstorm she appeared a bit unsettled and was the ONLY time she actually tried to climb on our couch in the living room (I think it was she wanted to get in my lap).  So it’s not severe by any means – but she does show some anxiety with Thunder and Fireworks”.

Molly has since learned that stairs aren’t as scary as she thought, it just took some time for her to get used to them. We love how she is learning to be an inside dog!!