Marley – Adopted

Marley is in search of his “person”.  Marley was deprived of social interaction during his formative puppy years, left alone for long periods of time in a garage, and taught to use pee pads instead of traditional potty training.  We brought Marley into GRRCC and immediately began several weeks of socializing him with other dogs.  He is great with all dogs, especially loves little dogs, and will play and play after he receives play queues from another dog.  Marley has a lot of energy and is more than willing to go for a long walk or romp in the yard.  He loves his kiddie pool and would likely love any body of water.  Marley is great in the car and walks well on a leash.

Now Marley is ready to work on his indoor skills — manners and potty training.  He is currently living with a trainer to learn the basics of indoor living and crate training.  He is unaware of what is expected of him but eager to please.  He is looking for guidance and direction.  Marley is in search of someone to bond with who is willing to continue his transformation and to help him find his purpose.  Marley’s trainer will continue to work closely with the adopter to ensure he is able to thrive and to reach his full potential as a well behaved Golden companion.

Marley’s forever home requirements:

  • An active individual or family; willing and able to see to Marley’s needs for continued training.
  • Ideally a home with experience in raising large breed puppies.
  • A home where an adult is home for most of the day.
  • Willing to continue with crate training.  Marley is currently being crated at night and when he is left alone.
  • If the home has a dog, that dog needs to be well behaved and tolerant.
  • Marley seems to have a strong prey drive so cats are not recommended.
  • Given his age and energy level he will need to go to a home which, if there are kids, they are over 10 years of age.  The kids must be willing to adhere to consistent training methods to ensure Marley stays on the right path.  In addition, no members of the household (including frequently visiting relatives) should have any mobility issues.
  • A home with a large structurally fenced yard.

Marley is going to be a wonderful dog. He is currently behind the curve with manners and training and focus.  Are you ready to be Marley’s “person”?