Leo (Applications Closed)

11-month-old Leo came to GRRCC as an owner surrender. From what we understand of his past, for most (if not all) of his puppyhood he was kept outside tied up. Tied up outside is bad for any dog, but for a puppy even harder. Leo’s life changed for the better in when he came to GRRCC. He’s been in his foster home now for about 8 weeks and has learned SO much and come so far. His first 10 days were spent recovering from his neuter. After that we started to see the real Leo, and some of the issues that we needed to work on. Unable to settle himself, he paced in circles constantly. Our vet told us that was his way of calming himself. He is fine in a crate as long as he can see his foster brother, and/or his foster mom and dad, and in fact the crate seems to be a place where he can relax and sleep. Leo has now been crated for up to 3+ hours (with mom and dad gone) with no problems as long as he can see his foster brother, Brady.  We also brought in a trainer, so we could learn the best way to help him. His foster mom and dad have been training him every day since then and Leo has made such progress.

When Leo first got to his foster home, he did not know his name or any other commands. After working with his foster family for a couple of months he now knows and responds to his name, knows sit, down, stay, touch, ‘cookie’ (emergency recall) and knows not to eat until he has permission. He’s come so far. Leo will need an experienced owner who is willing (and has the time) to continue working with Leo. Leo is eager to please and loves working with his people. Leo is completely housebroken now and will walk to the door to let his foster mom know that he has to go. Leo will thrive in a calm, structured household with a family that enjoys outdoor activities.

Leo is so very sweet, but he’s still a puppy, and will do puppy things like stealing shoes and socks. He loves playing with his foster brother and will need to be in a home with another dog with similar energy levels (high energy), but also that has some patience to put up with a boisterous youngster (and will tell him when playtime is over!).  He’s friendly with everyone he meets, and everyone loves him. Being tied outside for most of his puppyhood, he has not been exposed to many things or situations, so he relies on guidance from his foster brother when trying something new such as swimming (he quickly realized that splashing around in the water with his foster brother is a lot of fun).

In the last few weeks, Leo has been attending doggy daycare and has done so well. He gets along with all the other dogs and has been having a great time playing! He comes home tired and happy. Getting that energy out has helped him to be calmer at home.  With the right training and lots of love, Leo will be the most loyal and loving companion out there.

Leo’s Forever Home Requirements:

  • A large fenced yard
  • Another dog that can keep up with Leo’s high energy and teach him good dog manners
  • And adult home most of the day
  • An experienced owner committed to continuing Leo’s training
  • An active family who likes to be outdoors and do everything with their dog. With more training, Leo might become your perfect jogging buddy!
  • No kids or children under the age of 15

A note from the GRRCC Adoption Committee:

Although Leo has made incredible progress in his foster home since coming to GRRCC, we consider him a “special needs” dog. There is no question that only through the dedication and patience of his foster family has Leo come as far as he has come. In order to continue to be successful and mature into the wonderful dog we know he can be, Leo’s forever family must have equal dedication and patience.

Leo’s foster parents have put a lot of thought into what his forever home should “look like,” and we believe they know Leo best, so we (the adoption committee) will support them 100% and insist that Leo go only to a home in which he can succeed. Therefore, we will not allow for any exceptions to the requirements listed in Leo’s bio. Leo will not go to a home with small children, nor to a home with a first-time dog owner. Because he craves canine company, he must have a tolerant dog in his new home, preferably a “benevolent dictator” that will teach him what is expected of him and correct him if necessary.

We realize that Leo is a handsome boy and many will see his photos and apply to adopt him based on his looks and age alone, perhaps ignoring the requirements that are posted. The adoption committee will not process any applications for Leo that do not fit the parameters we have carefully outlined. Please understand we have Leo’s best interests at heart, as is the case for all GRRCC dogs.