Hope – Adopted

Hope may be 9 years old, but she has a lot of bounce to her step! We think she is a Flatcoat Retriever mix with a little Golden sprinkled in. Hope was sadly surrendered to GRRCC by her owners because of a weight limit restriction in their complex. She was well taken care of, but probably had a little too many treats. She weighs 59 pounds and needs to lose about 10 of them (don’t we all!).  She is a happy, sweet little girl and has been a perfect house guest in her foster home. She gets along fine with her foster brother (an older guy too) and has also been at the doggie daycare facility where her foster mom works. She doesn’t engage much with the other dogs, but she’s completely fine being around them. She’s still trying to figure out why she’s not home, but everyday she’s more animated and cheerful.

Hope would be fine with another low key dog, or as an only dog. She lived with a cat, and does fine with the cat in her foster home.  She loves sitting outside in the backyard watching the world go by, and will let the squirrels and deer know that they better not come too close! She’s not wonderful on leash, being distracted by all the fun smells, birds and people, but not terrible either. She loves her walks too, but is also content to cuddle while you watch tv.

She hasn’t been around any kids yet, but would be fine with teenagers.


Hope’s Forever Home Requirements:

  • A structural fence, so she can enjoy being outside watching the birds and squirrels
  • Ideally with someone at home at least half or the day or so (she SO loves her People Time)
  • Must adhere to Hope’s diet and exercise program
  • Hope gets along fine with other low key dogs, but would probably love being the only dog in the home. Though she would probably love a kitty friend!
  • Kids- Older children 13+




From her foster mom-

Hope is a doll baby! She is so sweet and has come a long way this first week. The first two days she mostly slept, didn’t eat much. Slowly she started coming out of her shell and will lay at my feet and is eating better. I took her to work with me at the doggie daycare facility and she got along fine with the other dogs, but didn’t try to play.

She loves sitting in the backyard, and had fun yesterday barking at the deer with our dog Merlin. She gets along fine with Butters, our cat. I feel like she would like to be friends with him, but Butters isn’t that kind of cat. 😉

She has been the perfect house guest. The first week she slept by our front door every night (on her own). She is quiet and there have been no accidents. I didn’t even bother pulling a crate out. Last night, her 7th day with us, she slept on the couch. Haha!! Guess she figured out that was more comfortable, and it’s good to know that she is more comfortable with us. She knows all the signals when we’re going somewhere, and when I get the leash out she prances and dances. She also has the cutest little grin when she’s happy. She hasn’t played with any of the toys that are scattered around, so I tried to play with her last night and she ran around all silly and then plopped down.  I really can’t express enough at how sweet she is. She makes me laugh all the time!  She is a dream and I can’t wait for her to find her perfect home!