Emmett has been matched for Adoption!

Meet super handsome Emmett.  This sweet boy is 2 yrs old and looking for stability in his life.

Emmett is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and really ready to be in a forever home!  He enjoys hanging out with the humans, but he has NO social skills with other dogs.  As a result, he needs to be an only dog.  He will also need a fenced yard. 

Emmett walks pretty well (and proudly) with his new harness.  His foster Mom is working with the basics of being his stable leader and taking charge in social settings.  He can be trusted alone in the house for short periods, but he is happiest posing to the camera (seriously he could be a dog model), fetching the ball or doing his zoomies 😊

Emmett’s xrays show some degree of hip dysplasia. Nothing severe at this point but something that will need to be monitored. Emmett’s foster family is giving him joint supplements and helping him lose about 10 lbs.

To learn more about Emmett please send an email to info@grrcc.com and tell us about yourself and your home environment.

Requirements for Emmett’s Home:

  • Applicant must have no pets (this includes cats and dogs)
  • Emmett needs a leader willing to work with his training
  • Emmett will need a person at home most of the day
  • Emmett will need a fenced yard
  • Emmett’s future home must have no children under the age of 18

Foster Update on Emmett 8/3:

Emmet is doing really well.  loves his toys, the couch and getting belly rubs.  He does not get into mischief around the house.  He is getting more independent and/or more comfortable being out in the yard and walking around and venturing into other rooms of the house when I am working from home.  When I do go into the office, my security cameras capture him laying in the guest bathroom most of the time until the dog sitter comes for a potty/play break at noon.  He has been perfect when he is left alone in the house during the day.

Emmett loves walks!  He is walking beautifully with his harness; stays on my left side but will weave from side to side if he smells something.  He stops in his tracks to stare at bunnies along on our walks, but I just continue to walk forward and tell him to “leave it” and his focus moves on. He is a turnkey dog really, not high maintenance at all-very easy going.

Emmett does not like the heat, he will potty, maybe roll around on the grass for a minute but comes right back in the house.  He comes alive after sunset and loves to be chased.  He will get the zoomies around the backyard and runs around with his babies in his mouth.  He will play tug of war, fetch…sort of…I throw, he will go get it and lay down with it.  In the house, he likes to play with his babies, chew on his bone and watch tv.

He loves getting up on the couch, I would say it’s his favorite thing!  He will bring 2-3 babies up with him too! 

He will get up on my bed when invited; but likes to lay on his dog bed or next to my bed too.

Emmett is a great work from home buddy…. lays quietly by my feet.  He will bark when someone comes to the door which I appreciate.  He has been a typical, friendly Golden to several visitorsand neighbors that have stopped by.  He gets excited and acts very silly when I grab the leash and say, “walk” or “bye bye” to go in the car.  He had his first trip to Lowe’s and a few pet stores this weekend where he was a big hit!  He also does great in the car!

He loves love!  He is a ham and likes to cuddle, be pet and brushed all the time; he even lets me cut his hair between his paw pads and clean his ears with q-tips! He knows the commands of: Sit, down, shake, almost good on gentle and roll over.  We are working on “stay” currently. 

For snacks (I have him on a diet), he loves cucumbers, raw string beans, carrot chips, broccoli and I did make him coconut smoothie ice cubes (coconut milk, blueberries, banana, cinnamon, turmeric, peanut butter).  Of course, he gets regular dog treats too, but his pallet is getting expanded.