Cooper – Adopted 9/2019

Cooper living the party life!

Cooper came to us from an area Humane Society, where he had been turned in when his elderly owner was no longer able to care for him.  Cooper is about 7 years old and he is a Golden Retriever mix.  However, his personality is 100% Golden. He is good with other dogs and children and has ignored the outdoor “barn cats” in his foster home. Cooper was about 10 pounds overweight when we got him, but has slimmed down considerably.  His foster mom admits he will try to beg for food now and then, but he is not obnoxious about it.  Cooper is very, very sweet and loving.  He adores people and just wants to be part of the family.

Cooper is not good on a leash and will need patience and training to become a good walking buddy.  He is quite strong and will pull pretty hard when he wants to go somewhere.  He is not afraid of loud noises and has no reaction to thunderstorms or fireworks that his foster family has observed.  He likes to hang out wherever his people are and does not appreciate being separated from them.  He does NOT like a crate and will bark and whine if confined.  His teeth are quite worn down as though he has chewed on a crate or chain in the past.  Please note, because Cooper dislikes confinement, he is not a good candidate for traditional boarding in a kennel-type facility.  He would do much better in a large run or with a pet sitter in his own home.

Unfortunately, Cooper was heartworm positive at intake, but he has undergone treatment and is currently in the quiet recovery stage, so he is not allowed to run and play right now.  He should be ship shape and ready for adoption by the end of September at the latest.  Our vet said that other than the heartworm disease, Cooper’s bloodwork was excellent and he is in good health.

Cooper would love a home in which someone was home at least part of the day, as that’s what he has always been used to.  His ideal home would also have another dog for company.  Cooper most likely wouldn’t be happy without another dog, unless his people were home full time.  He is not a loner and does not appreciate solitude.

Cooper is reliably housebroken and can be trusted loose in the house when his people are gone.  He knows a few commands: sit, wait, come.  He has been lucky enough to enjoy a beach vacation with his foster family this summer, and he was the perfect houseguest.  Cooper is just a terrific dog that is looking for a terrific home!

Cooper’s forever home requirements:

A fenced yard is preferred so Cooper can run and play safely, hopefully with a canine friend.  If no fence, Cooper’s family must be committed to leash walking him regularly to keep him in good condition.

A home in which his people are home at least half the day, or better yet, where someone is home all day.

Cooper’s person must be willing to work with him on his leash skills.