Happy Tales from Xena

Update from Xena’s forever family

I adopted Eva almost 2 years ago and changed her name to Xena. Xena is now doing pet therapy work in two senior centers in Asheville with me when I play the piano there. She is the perfect therapy dog and loves to go around the room saying hello to everyone and getting pets from them.

As the original fosters said, she loves people and other dogs and her happiest times are when we’re at the dog park or when I have parties inside the house or outside around the fire pit. She’s almost 11 now so she naps a lot but she has tons of energy when it’s time to eat or go for a walk. She’s my heart dog, my constant companion and she’s always by my side.   A fabulous dog!   She is such a great dog and she’s loving the SNOW we’ve had. My son has a black coon hound that he adopted 6 months ago and they are best friends now.

Thanks for the work that GRRCC does to help our precious Goldens!